Podcast recommendations- The Property Couch

It’s never too early (or late) to start planning for your ever after!

A new year, a fresh start! And why not start planning for your future right now (if you haven’t already). and start looking towards your twilight years. Bryce Holloway and Ben Kingsley the hosts behind the podcast ‘The Property couch’ are the ideal financial role models to show you how you can retire with a passive income and how to make your money work harder for you (if you’re still making it).

The Property couch is an Australian podcast focusing on mum and dad property investors, developing money smarts, achieving personal development/growth, and leading their listeners/community to eventual financial freedom! It’s all about short-term sacrifices for the long-term gain!

Their podcasts drop weekly on Thursdays, and once a month Ben takes listeners through an in-depth financial run through on the state of our local and international financial markets- fantastic if you’re lazy like me and like your information spoon fed to you. Their podcasts are super easy to follow, you don’t need a finance background to grasp what they’re conveying. And they constantly invite guests to further educate their listeners on hot topics like proposed NSW Stamp duty changes, to impacts on Investment properties during Covid. However if their podcasts are too basic for you, they also have books and other resources which you can delve further into, to be more well versed with their concepts. And if you’re still at the early stages and trying to get a handle on your cash flow, they have a free portal called ‘Money Smarts’, which allows you to better track your daily household ins & outs, helping you better manage your money, helping you develop good spending/saving habits, so that over time you’re able to accumulate enough to buy your first home, or your 8th investment property or whatever your financial goals may be.

For me personally, I’m still constantly amazed that Bryce and Ben invest so much of their own time each week to produce these weekly pods, all to help others to gain control over their finances and their lives. Allowing both me and you to set ourselves up for retirement. And most of their content and resources are free, and of course there are some payed services- but they never ram that down your throat or does the pod and their Money smarts portal seem like just an advertising platform for their paid products. They’re just two guys wanting to share with you their money smarts and create a community where we can learn and listen to others share about their journeys with money. Their Summer series is a great example, over the 12 weeks of Summer they interview a listener per week, sharing about their childhoods and what moulded their views on money, how they have gotten to where they’re currently at with their investing, and what are their long-term investment goals. So it’s real interesting to hear others share about money, as that’s one aspect of our lives which we rarely openly share with family or friends about. But around Community members, why not!

I have a habit of listening to The Property couch on Saturday mornings, I find that’s the ideal time to consume content like this. As I find on the weekends that’s when I tend to spend most of our money right? But since I’ve been listening, it has balanced my spending habits as I start the day already thinking about saving and short-term sacrifices for the long-term gain. And has helped me to better solidify in my mind in where I want to be, in terms of financial freedom by the time I’m 65. As in the end, you can only travel decisively through life, only if you know where you want to get to.

in this new year of 2021, where we’re all looking for a fresh start. And if one of your goals for this year is to get on top of your finances? Then you have to give ‘The Property Couch’ a go, they are proven financial principles, packaged in an easy to understand and absorb audio packet.

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