Netflix recommendations- Lucifer season 1

the Prince of darkness as a misunderstood individual.

Surely one of these days I’m going to run out of content to fill my weekly blogs. It’s bound to happen right? And this week we’ve come dangerously close to scraping the bottom of the barrel.

I’d seen it sitting there on my Netflix app for a while now, the Netflix AI recommending that based on my past viewing history, that I’d probably enjoy Lucifer. But being a religious man, it just didn’t feel right to be watching a show where the main protogenos was the devil? Yeah?

But I must have been “tempted” by a spirit of curiosity, as I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I gave it a go, and this is what I thought.

The preface is that the Devil himself roams the earth among us, after being sick and tired of the underworld, so he took a vacation to Los Angeles- living out his days as a club owner called Lucifer Morningstar. And after coming into contact with a female detective who was assigned to investigate a killing of a friend of his, Mr Lucifer finds himself using his devilish charms to assist the LAPD in solving murder cases.

The plot sounds farfetched, and half of the time the murder investigations are all too predictable- but it is Tom Ellis’ depiction of Lucifer which is the stand-out of this series. As he’s a charming Brit with a dry sense of humour- you know that typical quick witted arrogant Brit (we all have one in our workplaces). But only Tom Ellis could pull off depicting the Devil on earth, pretty much no other actor could do the role justice (definitely no American actor could). There’s T&A, sexual inuendo galore, copious amounts of alcohol being consumed, and greed and depravity drives most of the crimes- all you’d expect from the circles in which the Devil dwells within (or perhaps it’s just life in LA). However Lucifer the show, tries to rehabilitate the Devil’s reputation, re-casting him as a misunderstood individual, as the son of God, and a man who is actually more compassionate than he is, when playing the role inwhich he is forced to fill in hell as bidden by his Father (according to the screenwriters anyway).

It’s all a bit amusing, mindless, and entirely fictional. Perfect if you need a distraction from your reality.

If you’re interested to check-out Lucifer, click HERE! There are 5 seasons to binge.

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