Podcast Recommendations- Decoder Ring

When you just need something less heavy to listen to.

It’s a very strange time in our world’s history ATM, pivotal events which are changing the fabric of our society as we speak. And only time will tell if the will of the people can force a positive change in our society. However as a result of this, everywhere you turn to, there are some heavy intense topics out there- resulting in most of my favourite news and worthwhile journalistic pods all reporting on the same weighty topics.

But if you need a break from all of this, even for a half hour or so (while not wanting to sacrifice on quality)- I have a perfect recommendation for you!

Decoder Ring by Slate podcasts.

Decoder Ring is hosted by Willa Paskin, where she ‘Cracks cultural mysteries’ wide open! In approx. 30 minutes time, she lays-down the foundation of the cultural phenomena their looking to crack; include interviews with primary sources to get deep into said topic; then the team uses their investigative journalistic skills to untangle fact from fiction; before explaining the cultural relevance of this obscure topic to our present day existence.

I’ve only listened to a handful of episodes, and in that small sample size I’ve been exposed to Unicorn poop and  rubber duckies;  influenced to listen to ‘Friday’ every Friday afternoon, and now I’m dying to watch the 90s romcom ‘You’ve got mail’.

Sure, if you don’t end up listening to Decoder Ring, your life will still go on as normal, but if you did listen to Decoder Ring- I guarantee that for a half hour at least you’ll have a smile on your face and you’ll be that little bit more clued in  to the weird world around us.

Episodes don’t drop all that often (around one per month) so it’s all about quality over quantity, however there’s a 26 episode archive you can binge-listen to! So why not give it a go, your sanity will thank you for it! *nods*.

To start listening to the Decoder Ring now! Click HERE!    

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