Product recommendation- Disney Plus

A more family-oriented streaming service!

Since Disney announced the release of their own streaming service and began to take back all of their original content from their new-found competitors, I knew it was only a matter of time before I was tempted to try Disney Plus.

And that day of weakness came last week, when we finished listening to Artemis Fowl and we learnt that the feature film was going to be released directly to the streaming service, skipping its stop in the cinemas (although the 2020 release date has not been announced yet).

And its way, waaaay too easy to get started with Disney Plus, with a 7 day free trial, a very affordable $8.99 a month if you decide to stream on, and the process to download the app literally took seconds!

What you get is access to the huge Disney backlog of content, from animated and non-animated movies, TV series, specials, and brand new Disney content just for Plus viewers!

The entire Pixar library, including short never-seen-before content!

The entire Star Wars franchise – ‘The Mandalorian’ being the main drawcard!

Plenty and plenty of Marvel content (although not everything), but there’s still enough!

And content from the National Geographic channel, if you want some realism in your life!

So what there is, is more wholesome family oriented content, when compared to other streaming services. Granted, most of the content is for the kids, so great during Covid19 isolation to keep the kiddies entertained while you’re trying to WFH!  While there is plenty of stuff for Star Wars and Marvel fans to re-watch. However if you’re not a kid and not into sci-fi nor superheros, I still think you’ll be happy, if  you gain happiness from seeing your kids and partner entertained by their content.

With a DP account, it allows the creation of 10 accounts (customised with your favourite Disney Plus character), and the $8.99 per month enables 4 devices to be streaming content at the same time! And if you’re all in, you can elect to pre-pay for a year’s subscription which saves you 15% ($89.99 per year).

However you might elect to go month-by-month, as the one downside of Disney Plus is that much of its content you’ve already seen before, and you might only ever want to watch it one more time – thus after a while there isn’t much more to consume. But slowly there will be more new original Disney content uploaded, which you can’t get anywhere else!

But while we’re all stuck at home, and living day-to-day, and the future is a little bit uncertain…YOLO! Go for it! Keep the kids and the big kids happy……. To start consuming all that is good about Disney and its wider portfolio of entertainment right now! Click HERE!

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