Podcast Recommendations- The Mysterious Mr. Epstein

A modern day classic in the true crime podcast genre.

With my true crime fandom piqued by our experience with Michael Connelly’s ‘Murder Book’, I went on a true crime pod frenzy- searching for the next gripping pod and on the top of that list was Wondery’s ‘The Mysterious Mr. Epstein’.

Sure I have a vague idea who Jeffery Epstein was…….. although to be honest with you, half of the time I was confusing him with Harvey Weinstein…….but obviously Epstein has been more at the forefront of our minds now since Prince Andrew’s car crash of a TV interview.

But if you’re like me, vaguely aware of Jeffery Epstein and curious to know a little more about what was going on there, but not THAT interested to be trawling the web in your own time for articles about a vile character like him – then you might consider listening to the podcast instead?

The Mysterious Mr. Epstein pod is hosted by acclaimed New York Times journalist Lindsay Graham. Over 6 episodes the series walks you through Jeffery Epstein’s life – from days as a high school mathematics and physics teacher, then as a financial advisor, before sinking into depravity where his criminality takes over his life.

The podcast is well researched and produced, using primary sources (snippets from real news and interview recordings), re-enactments, and a nice weaving together of the strands of the story – which leaves you on a slight cliff’s edge at the end of every episode. The series dropped a load of bombshells, casting shade over a multitude of prominent and influential personalities through their association with Epstein alone, and with the latest twist in this true story – with revelations that Epstein was most likely murdered in his jail cell……… The conspiracies keep swirling.

If you’re interested to learn more about the mysterious Mr. Epstein and be entertained in its retelling of this true crime? Then check it out HERE

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