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Now I’ve seen it all!

Only Netflix’s deep pockets could allow this to happen i.e. producing a reality TV show which is like a small screen version of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’! Like what the?! A side of Asia rarely seen, even to their parents. Haaha. But with this global platform curtesy of Netflix, how did these young Singaporeans fair?

Singapore Social (SS) is an 8 episode Netflix original reality TV doco series, depicting 6 friends navigating life in Singapore, career, relationships, cultural and family expectations. If you elect to view you’ll meet (in no particular order, except for their popularity on Instagram): **Contains SPOILERS**

Sukki Singapora- Burlesque performer

Without Sukki in SS, the show would lose at least 60% of the drama! From meddling in other’s relationships (or non-relationship), her attempts to revolutionise burlesque, to her new long-distance relationship……. Sukki in my opinion is a polarising character, but I can safely say that the show would only be half as interesting without her.

Mae Tan- Fashion influencer

Among all the other juicy stories and strong personalities, Mae’s story is a little drowned out amongst all the noise. Aside from perhaps having a crush on Vinny and making the decision to complete her studies in NYC (with absolutely no pressure from her parents……. NOT), the fashion model is surprisingly drama free in SS.

Tabitha Nauser- Singer 

Former Singapore Idol contestant Tabitha was at the centre of my favourite moment of SS! When she sets things straight with her ex-boyfriend and Manager Adam. Haaha. Seeing him fade away from her life was the best! Not sure why, I don’t know the guy, but he really irked me hard! Hehehe. Other than that, her deliberations over who should shoot her next music video was a bit annoying and drawn-out I thought.       

Paul Foster- Actor/Host/Model

From the 6, Paul was probably the most likeable character of SS. He seemed genuine and his interactions with his mum were sweet and adorable. I think his reputation is still intact after taking part in SS.

Nicole Ong- Entrepreneur

Come on girl!? You couldn’t tell that your bestie has the hots for you!? Thus the hating on your developing relationship with Alson? BTW, Asian parents should stop creating their own English names from just putting ‘son’ onto the end of other names or nouns like Kenson, Fordson, Herdson, Winson……. But from the female cast members, Nicole seemed like the most down-to-earth and likeable. 

Vinny Sharp- Film maker

And Vinny, Vinny, Vinny…… Just because you don’t label your relationship with your ex-girlfriend as such, it doesn’t mean that you’re not in a relationship. So playing it cool, like you’re happily single and not looking – while on the side you’re still in regular contact with your ex and getting some ‘sugar’ with her? Now can you see why everyone is confused? Vinny is one of those characters you’d love to hate, but without him the show would be less binge-worthy.

So in the end, how did they fair, after opening themselves and their lives up to scrutiny by the global Netflix audience? Well, from the looks of things, 5 of the 6 are playing a low profile on Instagram after the airing of SS, either they’ve learnt their lesson and are now trying to keep their personal lives private, or they’re trying to avoid spoilers for Singapore Social Season 2?

From all accounts, there has only been criticisms of the show from the viewing audience, the words trashy were frequently thrown around, alongside claims that it’s not a fair reflection of life in Singapore. But depending on what you seek from entertainment, you might like it, it’s trashy, it allows you to get on your high-horse to judge others, and it’s good escapism for a handful of hours.

So if you’re still interested to check Singapore Social out, click HERE!

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