Product Recommendations- Pauls Bundaberg Rum Egg Nog

The festive season, brought to you by Aussie brands Pauls and Bundaberg!

Egg nog is such an American thing! Put up your hands if you’ve ever tried egg nog before? Not many raised hands right? But admittedly I’ve tried making it once, like more than 15 years ago. And I was serving up this thing, not having tried it before and not even knowing what it ought to taste like (I just remembered it being really creamy and alcoholic).

But if you want to purchase a piece of American season’s greetings! – dairy producer Pauls for Christmas 2019 has introduced a range of festive products including Pauls Bundaberg Rum Egg Nog 1L.

To tell you the truth, it reminds me of Baileys – as it’s milky, creamy, and alcoholic! Yum! Granted, it has an eggy flavour to it, and it is nice and frothy. But all that was running through my mind when I was consuming it was:

“It’s just like drinking Bailey’s, for a fraction of the price!” We bought ours for only $3.50 for a 1 litre carton.

So if you want to add some extra Christmas cheer to your next year’s (2020) Christmas party, or if you just want some cheap and tasty alcoholic beverages- check out Pauls Bundaberg Rum Egg Nog at your local grocery store! That is, if Pauls and Coles/Woolworths haven’t been done for selling alcohol to minors. Haaha.

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