Sweet Things- Purple rice yoghurt- Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt

Citymark Building, Shop G6, 683-689 George Street, Haymarket

So we’ve finally tried the original Purple rice yogurt by Yomie’s, after more than a year of avoiding it……well, avoiding lining up for it.

Ok, I had promised a long retraction article if Yomie’s original Purple rice yogurt turned out to be much better than what we tried at a copy-cat version of the Purple rice yogurt by ‘The Moment’ on Sussex Street. As at the time I had written a not-so-glowing review of the Purple rice yogurt fad. At that time, I had recoiled from the intense Greek yogurt-like drink, while my wife found it way too sour for her liking. But Yomie’s Purple rice yogurt?

It was definitely more like a drink this time, than like eating a tub of yogurt from a straw. The yogurt was a more liquid-y consistency, which was much easier to drink. And the purple rice was definitely a lot nicer than the copy-cat version’s, it was fresh and chewy (a good chewy), whereas last time it felt like eating day-old refrigerated rice. And the serving was just right, a good size for an accompanying drink, rather than feeling almost like a meal due to its heaviness in your gut ( click HERE to read the previous post re ‘The Moment’s version of Purple rice yogurt).  

However the yogurt from Yomie’s was perhaps just that little bit too watered down? If it was just that little bit thicker, I think it would have ticked all the boxes.

So in conclusion, here is my retraction post, I take it all back! I can see the appeal of Yomie’s rice yogurt offering, and it’s definitely at a consistency tolerable for most Asians’ lactose intolerances. If there aren’t any massively long lines, we’d definitely go back to try other flavours and toppings.

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