Sweet Things- Purple rice yogurt- The Moment

394 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW

Have us Asian’s forgotten that we’re lactose intolerant? Or is the Sydney fad of rice yoghurt and the feelings of FOMO so emotive that we’d rather put up with hours of painful abdominal pains than to miss-out on this latest fad?

But hey, what can I say, I’m a sheep as well! But a lazy-a** sheep, so instead of lining-up for upwards of half an hour at the peak of the summer sun at Yomie’s; we instead went to ‘The Moment’, a bubble tea store further up Sussex Street who also serves rice with yoghurt.

What did I think at first taste?

“I can’t believe people are lining up for this?! Especially Asians!” As we Asians don’t historically consume much yogurt! And this isn’t an easy on the palate yoghurt like Yoplait, but it tastes like some serious hard-core fermented milk! It honestly tastes more like Greek yoghurt, than anything I’ve tasted recently where I’ve been happily placing spoonfuls and spoonfuls into my mouth. I wonder how many selfies have been taken over the past months, with a cup of rice yoghurt in one hand and a tightly pursed lipped smile on the face…. You know the face you make when you’re trying to reassure your friends that you’re okay, just before you throw-up all over them? Haaha.

But tell you what? After a while the whole thing actually starts to grow on you! Um, just to clarify, the taste starts to grow on you, not the fermented yoghurt vomit……It’s creamy, it’s sweet & sour, and the rice gives you something to chew-on. For $6.20, it’s so filling, it’s like a liquid lunch! And the stomach cramps afterwards?! PRICELESS baby! Haaha. One day when the  lines outside Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt start to die down, I’ll have to try their concoction to see if their yogurt is as strong tasting as ‘The Moment’s’, if it’s less intense, I’ll promise to write an equally long post, retracting all innuendos I’ve made in this post about Sydney’s latest favourite dessert. *Nods*. But until then, I stand by this post and my opinions. Haaha.   

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