Ogalo- Sydney CBD

Could this be a ‘Golden Chook’ contender for Hamish & Andy’s 2019 Chicken Fest?

Sadly not, I was devastated to find out after our meal (when fact-checking) that Ogalo is in fact a franchise? Nooo! As I’ve ever only known the Ogalo Liverpool St store, near the corner of Pitt and Liverpool streets.

But inspired by Hamish & Andy’s pod, today I had an urge for the humble Chicken & Chips pairing – not exactly what you’d usually go looking for in da city on a Saturday lunch-time down in South CBD. And I was pretty surprised and relieved to find that Ogalo City was still operating (since other more famous Portuguese chicken shops had closed down in this area i.e. Nandos and Oportos).

And it’s a bit of a throw-back, the store was right out of the early 00s and great to see that their Chicken & Chips were still priced at their early 00s prices- $7.90 for Quarter Chicken & Chips with Gravy!? Bargain!

I ordered the Quarter Chicken & Chips (saying no to the drinks combo, as the can of coke were definitely priced at 2019 prices- $3 for a can of Coke? Crazy!). While my wife ordered the Ogalo Chicken Burger ($9.90).

After making your orders at the counter, you take a seat (if dining in), or stand about if you’re waiting for take-away (a 50/50 split dine-in vs take-away).

The food is prepared to order, and when your birds are ready, your number is called and you grab it from the counter and bring it back to your table. With plastic knife & fork (or fingers) you tuck on in.

The chips were ok, a little dry but quite crispy- with a salt and chicken salt mix. I had elected the Lemon & Herb rubbing/seasoning, which was flavoursome – making the chicken skin the clear ‘best part’ of the bird! I received a breast/wing quarter, so as expected the thicker part of the breast meat was a little dry, but closer to the wing it was tender and juicy!

My wife’s Chicken burger was a homely affair, lightly toasted burger bun, lettuce, cheese, mayo and a slice of grilled chicken (a little thin though). The burger was quite large (by circumference) but quite flat – thus easily passing the ‘Big bite’ test.

All in all, it wasn’t bad for a meal for 2 for under 20 bucks! And it’s good to see that shops like this – suburban feeling casual eateries, still operate in the heart of the CBD – providing city dwellers (and midnight revellers) a cheap and cheery option in the city. A shame though, that they’re too numerous and a chain – thus ineligible to be considered a contender for H&A’s Chicken Fest 2019.

Ogalo CBD- Saturday 12 October


PH: (02) 9264 0060

Shop B/127 Liverpool Street, Sydney

Sun-Fri 10.30am – 11pm

Sat 10.30am – 4am

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