Product Recommendations- Doritos Wasabi

I’m not sure if this is a Product Recommendation? Or just a Product Review? As would you recommend a product to others, which you think you’ll probably never willingly purchase ever again?

That goes for Doritos Japanese Wasabi corn chips!

Picture those Asian Wasabi pea products which you can buy from an Asian grocery store? You know the ones, those little dehydrated peas coated with a smear of yellow mustard, then dusted in more mustard flavouring? If you know what I’m talking about, you know how hot those little suckers can be! Then imagine an isosceles triangle corn chip, and picture an entire side of that tortilla covered in that mustard powder flavouring! That’s a lot of corn chip real-estate to cover with hot powder! Nose-rushingly hot! Right?!

On the packet it already warns the consumer that it’s going to be hot, 3 red chilies emblazon on the packaging. But how hot can it really be? Right?

“Woew!” After corn chip 1, it already gives you that wasabi nose rush! And wasabi isn’t one of those hot spices which gets more tolerable after your tastebuds get used to the flavour. It’s smashing you in the face all the way till the end, and don’t even consider breathing in when you’re mid-chew, as any air current will send those vapours/wasabi powder right to the back of your throat = tears, coughing fits, or a choice expletive or two!

I’m a chip-monster, and I can easily smash a packet of chippies on my own in one single sitting – but today? I had to admit failure, raising the white flag…… tapping out at the 4/5 mark.

Is it tasty? Maybe? If you can see past the overwhelming flavour of wasabi?

And the question, what am I going to do with the final 1/5 of the bag? My wife definitely doesn’t want it, after 2 corn chips she was already out. Just thinking about it, gives me both a sense of fear, and a sense of excitement – I guess in equal parts measure.

Definitely a snack to be shared with others! If you dare, you can find Dorito Wasabi 150g bags at your local supermarket for $3.29. Only for a limited time!

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