Podcast Recommendations- NFL Season 100 Has Started!

Woohoo! The 2019 NFL season has kicked-off, after a hiatus of over 7 months! The boyz of Winter are back! And for the Australian fans out there, here are the best ways to maximise the 5 months of the NFL season!

Podcast- Around the NFL/Move the Sticks

For NFL news, pre-game analysis, post-game highlights and mirth, check out the boyz of the ‘Around the NFL’ podcast! Give it a couple of weeks and the tones of Dan, Chris, Mark and Greg will be a welcomed morning starter! To check out the Heros, click HERE!

And if 3 shows a week from the ‘ATL Crew isn’t enough, fill your other mornings with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks who host the pod ‘Move the Sticks’- for insider news, interviews, recap, and college football insights, click HERE!

Tune-in Radio- NFL on Tune-in

And if you want something on in the background when you’re plodding around the home with your chores, check out NFL on Tune-in, Tune-in being a worldwide radio streaming app. The programming is a little bit unpredictable, but there’s always something interesting to listen to – be that replays of full-games from the 2019 season, NFL news, and NFL Films programs. NFL on Tune-in has it all! And if you’re willing to pay for the premium version of Tune-in, you can even listen to all the games live! But if you’re a cheapo like me, you can listen to the pre-game show, then the live stream cut-outs (to be filled by pre-recorded content) and then you can tune back in live for the post-game highlights/analysis. To download the Tune-in Radio app, click HERE!

TV- NFL on 7Mate

And for those who are lucky enough to be near a TV on Mondays in between 3.30am and 3.30pm, you can enjoy 12 hours of live NFL football each week! Just click over to 7Mate (channel 73) and watch 3 back-to-back games free to air! The first two games are a bit hit-or-miss, but the third game is the nationally televised Sunday night game, so be prepared for some hard hitting! Check out your local TV guide for times in your region.

Footy tipping- NFL

And if you like to add some additional spice to your NFL fandom and like to test your own NFL know-how and gut-feel, consider taking part in a FREE NFL footy tipping comp! The ESPN Footy Tips website enables you to pick the winner of every match in the 2019 season, tracks your score against the thousands who are participating in the comp, and the tipping platform has now moved to percentage odds (rather than betting odds), so you can now see what are the percentage splits of support for team A or team B before you make your informed choice. Only if you want to keep the season more interesting, if you’re like me and don’t follow a particular team, check out Footy tips, just click HERE!  

Ok, with all these resources, I hope you enjoy NFL season 100!

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