Audiobook Review- A Song of Ice & Fire

This isn’t a book review as such, as George R. R. Martin doesn’t need my recommendation to help promote his books….or anything like that. But these are just my reflections, since I’ve invested more than 8 years of my life on his book series.

So after more than 8 years, I’ve finally finished listening to George R. R. Martin’s audiobook series ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ – for those who only followed the HBO TV series, I’m talking about ‘Game of Thrones’ of course. I honestly can’t believe it, looking back it hasn’t felt as long as that? And I’m pretty certain that I’d started listening to the audiobooks before the TV series started? As I still remember the conversation with friends who were gushing about the book, who subsequently talked me into listening to it. And at no time did they speak of a TV series, so using that logic I must have started the books before the adaptation went to air? Which means pre-2011.

But 8 years of my life? Pales in comparison to 28 years! 28 years ago George R. R. Martin started writing the first book in the series, and 28 years later the Game of Thrones chapter in all of our lives has been closed out with the airing of the last scenes on HBO. Can you imagine living in that mind-space for almost 3 decades?

I’ve only learnt of these facts today, as long as I’ve been listening to the books I’ve been avoiding all spoilers. Which means I’ve never watched an episode of the Game of Thrones, nor have I even visited the Wikipedia page fearing that I’d accidentally see something I ought not to see. 

So life after the books…. I’ve read up on George R. R. – have to admit, I never knew he was American! I just assumed that he was British as the books were so…… Um……British? and I’m now listening to a podcast which re-caps every episode of the HBO series, as I want to learn how this epic story ends.

All I want to say to George R. R. Martin is, thank you! Thank you for entertaining me over the past 8 years of my life, it had allowed me to escape to a different world, taking me away from my everyday problems, but at this stage you’ve left me with more questions and unresolved plot-lines than ever before! Haaha.

Like what happened to Sanwell Tarly? What about the undead Catelyn Stark? What about Rickon? Where did Gendry disappear to?  Sandor Clegane, dead or alive? Mance rayder and his spear wives? Where did Jaime Lannister go with that wench? What about Sansa and Petyr Baelish? What about Benjen Stark? What about? What about? What about?!!!!!

Half of the time I think it was me, that I must have skipped a chapter by mistake or fallen asleep one night and had missed a critical chunk of the book? But if half of the above plot-lines are truly unresolved? Even after the finale of the TV Series? No!!!!! You can’t leave us hanging George R. R.! Grrrr!

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