Product Recommendations- Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard V3.0

For work I was given the trial use of a tablet with a proper Bluetooth keyboard, and I was sold! As much as using one single finger to activate all functions on your phone is effective/convenient enough, but there is something about using a conventional keyboard to interact with apps (especially if you have to do a reasonable amount of typing) which makes your life so much easier!

So after a brief stint of online shopping, I found this Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard sold by Kogan.

My criteria was that it had to be connected via Bluetooth, naturally it had to be compatible with my phone (an older iPhone model), it had to be powered by a rechargeable battery (some are actually powered by dual AAA batteries), and it had to be compact.

The Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard V3.0 is all that and more!

It’s Bluetooth enabled with a range of up to 10m.

It is compatible with any IOS, Android, or Windows device.

It’s powered by a rechargeable battery, and enables a whopping 80 hours of continuous usage (it only takes 3-4 hours to charge from being completely flat to full power and after 15 mins of inactivity it would automatically go to sleep).

And its super light and compact, it folds away and when you unfold it, it automatically turns on and connects to your paired device!

And drum-roll please! It only costs $49 (with free shipping), and you have the choice of a keyboard with either black or white keys!

If you’re interested to check out the Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard V3.0, click HERE!

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