Album Review- A trip down memory lane

As people, we can be myopic and be only drawn to what is shiny and new, and forget all about the ‘old stuff’ which we used to hold dear to us…….

For a couple of years now, I’ve been on a music streaming fever! First it was Pandora, and now it’s all been Spotify this, Spotify that! Charmed over by the instant gratification of hearing exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it!

Then recently, I was cleaning and I found my old iPod Shuffle – naturally it was out of battery, but I wondered if after a charge it would still turn on? After all these years of disuse and neglect?

Woohoo! It still turns on! And after swiping through the dated user interface and tapping the song which had been paused mid beat all those years ago……It actually started playing where it had been left off, and oddly enough the clock was still on time (although Wi-Fi was turned off).

Another victim to the progress of technology, was our old Yamaha stereo system – the thing which we had dropped like $700 on in 2012 and was now just gathering dust (the Yamaha being a victim to the portability of Bluetooth speakers and the compatibility to apps and streaming services).

But oh yeah! Dropping the iPod into the Yamaha’s docking station, the beats still played through the speakers (I’d forgotten what real stereo sounded like. And the sounds of a real bass got me laughing hysterically! And the ability to crank up the stereo to only a third of its capacity and still have my wife striding over with purpose and turning it down…..You just can’t get that level of sound from these dinky SMART speakers!

So for the few past weeks I haven’t been listening to Spotify, because I’ve been thoroughly entertained by my iPod placed on shuffle! Perhaps it’s been long enough for you as well to dig out your once loved iPod, check if it still works after a charge, and if it does – join me on a trip down memory lane! #Old beats baby!

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