Product Recommendations- Cheese Bread Loaf – Breadtop

I don’t know why, mid-week I was craving Breadtop’s Cheese Bread loaf! We hadn’t had this in years! Methinks at least 4 years was the last time we had purchased this cheesy product. But come Saturday morning, we swung around after doing our weekly grocery shop and picked it up from our local Breadtop.

It’s slightly smaller than a regular loaf of bread, and priced at $5.80 it’s more expensive. But in my opinion at least, it’s fully worth it!!!

It’s so soft! It’s a little bit sweet like all Asian breads. But it’s cheesy! That’s the main thing here!

Each bite has an essence of cheese, but when you get a cheese vein, it’s so yum!

Good fresh! Good toasted! Good plain! Good with coffee! Good in all scenarios!

And if you’ve already tried the cheese version before, Breadtop also sells coconut bread loaves, taro bread loaves, and red bean bread loaves, all pre-sliced, ready for your immediate consumption!!!!! Mmmmmmm.

Check them out at your local Breadtop!

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