Sweet Things- Cinnamon Marzipan & Cherry Puff Pastry- Luneburger German Bakery

Shop 14A2, Henry Dean Plaza, Central Station, 14 Lee Street, Haymarket

Walking by each morning on my way to work, it’s hard not to notice the glorious smells of Luneburger German Bakery’s freshly baked breads and pastries- the smell of buttery pastries thick in the air which physically hits you when you walk past.

So I vowed one day I’ll come here with my wife and try their baked goods.

And that day has arrived!

We limited our choices to only the sweet pastries, and I chose the Cherry Puff Pastry ($4.20), and my wife chose the Cinnamon Marzipan ($4.20).

First bite into the Cherry puff- Yeah, real nice sour cherry flavour, the actual pastry was light, and it wasn’t too sweet.

The Marzipan pastry- was less distinctive tasting, the marzipan was mixed into the pastry so there was only a flavour of it but no physical sign of marzipan. And again, not too sweet.

But Luneburger German Bakery pastries weren’t as amazing compared to how great they smell in the mornings. But they weren’t bad, and deserving of the title as being a ‘go-to’ bakery for many office-workers in the area. Next time I’m keen to try their savoury soft pretzels. Mmmmm.

It’s been a while since I’ve had proper (non-Asian) bakery pastries (since Delifrance closed its doors, so it was nice to have a delicately constructed pastry again. However they just weren’t as good as how ‘Pierre’ used to make them……. Yeah! Hit us up below if you know of a Sydney bakery who makes croissants as good as (or better than) the Frenchies used to at Delifrance.

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