Product Recommendation- Bundaberg Pineapple & Coconut/Spiced Ginger Beer

I’m aware that in 2019 it’s not en vogue to recommend ‘soft drinks’ to others, now that we’re more health conscious and aware. But what if Bundaberg sparkling soft drinks are an alternative to alcoholic beverages at a party?

The very first time I consumed Bundaberg’s Pineapple & Coconut, I seriously believed that it was alcoholic, I even exhibited the ‘glow’ of consuming something alter-holic (Oh so cringing as I think back to it…..Lucky that I’m anonymous on the web……) This embarrassing moment occurred at a friend’s birthday party and we were handed a couple of drinks in long neck glass bottles- they were Bundabergs (in their old packaging) which I associate with the Bundaberg Rum polar bear. And at first taste, it tasted so much like an alco-pop that after half a bottle I was feeling a little light headed, like after consuming an equivalent amount of beer. I remember leaning over to my wife and whispering to her that she should “go easy on the alcohol” but she hisses back at me “It’s non-alcoholic!” Then I felt so silly, especially as everyone around us heard her reply back.*Shrinks in embarrassment*.

Okay, shaking off the feelings of embarrassment……. But if you haven’t tried Bundaberg’s Pineapple & Coconut drink before, imagine the flavour of a Pina colada… and just remove the alcoholic element from it and you have Bundaberg’s sparkling pineapple and coconut drink! It’s a very summery tropical flavour, and quite natural tasting (by far our favourite sparkling offering by Bundaberg).

Over Christmas, Bundaberg released a festive flavour – Spiced Ginger Beer, and we probably grabbed one of the last 4 packs in mid-January at Coles (since then we haven’t seen them on shelves anymore). The Spiced Ginger Beer tastes less like ‘spiced’ ginger beer, but rather like a Lemon Lime Bitters? Although the spices which were added to their original ginger beer was cinnamon and clove. The taste is unfortunately a bit on the artificial side, so as they disappear from shelves for another year I guess it’s no big loss.

But no-matter, Bundaberg have other sparkling soft drink flavours like their original Ginger Beer; Lemon, Lime and Bitters; Sarsaparilla / Root Beer; Burgundy (Creaming Soda); Peach; Pink Grapefruit; Guava; Blood Orange; and more!

So if you’re heading to a house-party or back- yard BBQ, and for one reason or another you’re cutting back on the alcohol (perhaps participating in Febfast- at least the non-alcohol component), consider bringing a couple packs of the Bundaberg sparkling soft drink range for yourself and to share! Granted, you won’t be laughing at every silly joke, but you’ll feel less anti-social at least with a glass bottle in hand (be that a little bit squatter in size) – it’s as close to having alcohol while being dry!

Bundaberg 4-packs can be found at Coles or Woolworths for $6.30 for 4x 375ml bottles.

Read more about Bundaberg and how they brew their craft soft drinks at:

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