Podcast Recommendation- Wait, Wait, Don’t Kill Me

Over-time (or perhaps just after reading this post) you’ll learn that I’m a huge podcast fan. Like huge! On average I probably spend 2 hours a day listening to podcasts; I have pages and pages of shows which I’ve subscribed to; I have a routine where I listen to specific shows on specific days about specific things;  and by far the app which I use the most on my phone is the podcast app!

And what podcast fans love to do is…….. Um, tell other podcast fans what their listening to. So I guess with this blog, here is my chance to recommend podcasts I’ve really enjoyed and would recommend to friends (or strangers).

If I recommend Serial season 1, well I’d just be ‘Johnny come lately’, I’ll be rocking up to the party just as the band packs up to go home, in other words ‘that ain’t news, as everyone already knows about Serial’. But if you were drawn into the Adnan Syed case, and would like to get into more detail where Serial didn’t get a chance to explore, there’s also ‘Undisclosed’, a podcast which takes a more granular and legal perspective on the case. So if you’d like to get into the nitty gritty minutia and Law is your thang, I think you’ll like this podcast. Granted, it’s a bit dated now, and the recording quality is a bit amateurish but if you’re all about the content it should be okay (oh yeah, the content is bias to Adnan, as it’s hosted by the family friend who originally brought Adnan’s case to Sarah’s attention).

But what I really wanted to recommend was this! ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Kill Me!’ It’s not a podcast as such, but a 5 episode stand-alone ‘season’ from the Secrets, Crimes and Audio Tapes podcast show from Wondery.

Here my interests intersect (and perhaps where you and I have similar interests as well). If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I’m a closet fan of musical drama, and like everyone who followed Serial, we were fans because the story telling and the story itself was so compelling. So the creatives behind Wait, Wait, Don’t Kill Me (Dave Holstein and Alan Schmuckler) married these two themes, and created the first Musical podcast about a murder.

Check it out! Essentially they fictionalise the goings on in Sarah Koenig’s life as Serial goes to air and attempts to tie-up all the loose ends which Serial weren’t able to resolve. It’s an engaging method they’ve used to convey their story through dialogue and song, and it utilises a liberal dose of conjecture, untruths, and borderline character defamation! Haaha. If you can take it all with a grain of salt, you enjoy Musical drama, and a sleek podcast production, I think you’ll like this.

If I’ve piqued your curiosity, give episode 1 a go! See if you like it or not? This isn’t the official link but the page contains links to the first Ep for iPhone and Android devices:


**Note: Wait, Wait Don’t Kill Me contains adult themes, so listener beware. Not to mention the songs are super catchy, so apologies in advance if they get stuck in your head.

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