Kombucha Journal- 50% of the way there

Okay, tonight we cracked open the first bottle.

Pssshhhhhtttt….. If you didn’t get that that was the sound of a bottle being twisted open, sound of effervescence….. Or not……

Yeah, we’re only 50% there, there was no fizziness, it smelt like kombucha and it tasted 75% like kombucha (maybe a little too sweet and a little too sour), but I’ll put my hand-up! As soon as we poured out the Kombucha into bottles, I put them straight into the fridge. What ought to be the next step was to leave them unfridgerated for a handful of days to allow the yeast to do its thang. So we’ll keep that in mind for the next batch. While we still have 2 bottles of flat kombucha to endure…..

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