The Final Table- Netflix

What happens when you copulate ‘My Kitchen Rules’ with ‘Master Chef’?

Well, if you want to see the outcome of this creation, just watch Netflix’s ‘Final Table’! Where you have the partnership-pairing recipe from MKR going on, but with the step-above culinary talent from Master Chef Contestants. But then turn that culinary expertise 3 or 4 notches up to a boiling point where you have Michelin-starred chefs (minus the bitchiness from MKR) and you’ll have The Final Table! And oh yeah, add in a pinch (or an entire tub full) of American showiness and grandeur (and not to mention Netflix’s production budget) and you have this over-the-top 10 episode cooking competition. Absolutely AWESOME I say!

The format is like any other cooking contest, but on artificial flavour enhancers.

12 teams of 2, comprised of various pairings. E.g. Compatriots, friends from different corners of the world, or perhaps even a boyfriend-girlfriend Chef couple???

10 episodes-10 countries, and over the hour-long episodes the chefs first of all participate in a challenge to re-invent a Nation’s signature dish, which is then judged by 3 celebrities/food critics from that Nation. The stand out team are given pats on the back (but with no visible advantage for future rounds ), while the bottom 3 teams will cook again for their continued participation in the competition.

In the knock-out round, a notable Chef from the theme Nation appears, giving the 3 teams an ingredient to cook with and feature in an original dish. And in a whirl of knives and steam the teams kick their act to a whole other level to make the ingredient shine. In the end a team is eliminated from the competition, usually due to the smallest of imperfections (as they’re all Masters of their trade) and the entertainment continues on, to the next Country etc etc  (although it’s all filmed in LA).

In the final episode, to identify the Chef who will join the 9 Chef judges at the ‘Final Table’, teammates are pitched against one another as they single-handedly cook up enough dishes to feed 9 World Famous Chefs. Can you say pressure cooker?  If this type of pressure sends your heart into palpitations, and liquefies your  bowels……. Great! That’s why you and I are on the couch watching, and those guys are on TV doing it!

It is a must see if you’re a foodie, and it opens your eyes to what’s being plated up in other food scenes around the world. Not to mention Australia’s very own Bestie (Mark Best) is one of the contestants! We luv MARK! We luv MARK!

Search for ‘The Final Table’ on your Netflix app, and let the fun begin!

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