Happy Chef- Sussex Centre

Feeling a bit miserable from a head cold (don’t you hate it when you catch an end of season flu/cold), I self-medicated with some piping hot Laksa from Happy Chef.

For $15.90 I had a big steaming bowl of Laksa (Special combination) with all the proteins from the menu i.e.  2 king prawns, 2 scallops, 2 squids, chicken, BBQ pork, tofu and thin egg noodles. While for $12.50 my wife had the beef, tendons and tripe Laksa also with thin egg noodles (you can choose from either thin or thick egg noodles, or thin or thick rice noodles).  

Hey, after having our expectations set pretty high from all that we had read on-line, unfortunately we were left a little bit disappointed. The Laksa soup base was good but unremarkable – we’ve definitely had better. The proteins were over-cooked and too salty for our liking. And afterwards we were in search for drinks to quench our sodium-induced thirst.

But looking at the positives, I left with my belly filled (quite large portions), we managed to tick off another must try restaurant off our list, and if I ever came back again, I’d know to order the BBQ pork Laksa, as from all the proteins I had this meal, the BBQ pork was the stand-out, it was fresh and thick-cut while being really tender.

Our end verdict was that we’d still recommend people to come here and try it for yourself, perhaps you’d really like their Laksa, and hey, at least the steaming broth unblocked my sinuses, and Happy Chef manage to spread some of it’s cheer on me, so that I left less miserable than I was when I first arrived.

Happy Chef- Sunday 23 September 

PH: (02) 9281 5832

Level 1, Sussex Centre, 401 Sussex Street, Haymarket NSW

Mon-Sun 10am – 9pm

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