YAYOI Japanese Teishoku Restaurant- Market City

Our first meal at the new-ish 1909 Market City dining precinct was a 2 thumbs up dining experience!

Catching-up with the In-laws again (this time for the Mid-Autumn festival) we opted to go to the Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, which was on our top 10 ‘Must try list’. Greeted with “Irasshaimase” by the wait staff, we were quickly seen to a cosy booth at the back of the restaurant, and as we were studying the menus we were immediately given table water (don’t you love Japanese hospitality?) in a unique glass cup designed perfectly to be held.

For those who still like to hold a physical menu in their hands, you were able to flick through the menu pages which depicted each dish and for those who prefer swiping left/right on the touch screens you can do that as well to peruse what you’d like to eat. We ended up ordering 3 Tojis (your choice, served with rice, miso soup, and some tofu salad), and I opted for the Omaze don. Placing the order was done through the touch screens and for an extra $3 you can up-grade your miso soup to contain clams, or $4.50 extra you can have a side of 3 pieces of salmon sashimi with your meal.

As our meals went from ordering, cooking, finishing to service, we assessed their table setting and ambience; the napkin test scored 3 stars, the totality of your cutlery was your typical disposable wooden chopsticks (later you were given a spoon for your miso), while the ambience was simple but sophisticated with each table grouping enjoying a booth (well, 50% were, the other 50% had to watch us in our comfy booth from their wooden chairs), and the lounge acoustic music re-enforced the sophisticated vibe.

In no time our food reached the ‘service’ stage, our waitress brought out our food each on its own serving tray. My Omaze don came in a number of different bowls, where you added your 7 different toppings to your rice, and mixed in as much soya sauce and wasabi to your liking. And the Mix Toji Teishoku, Grilled mackerel, and Pork Loin Katsu Toji also met expectations (I’m assuming, as there were no complaints). For me, I enjoyed the freshness and the generous sized salmon sashimi from my dish, and with the various toppings (Okra, seaweed, 60/60 egg, toasted sesame seeds etc.) ensured that each mouthful was always different, be that differing textures or flavours. And trying a piece of Pork Loin Katsu, that was quite nice as well; soft, well-cooked meat, with a bit of fat to add to the sauce’s flavour. The up-graded miso to include clams was worth it, as I had 8 or so clams in its shell, and fishing them out of the soup and devouring the well sized flesh was worth the 3 buck premium! 

Well priced, well portioned, and friendly service gives YAYOI Japanese Teishoku Restaurant 4.0 stars from us, and they have our definite repeat patronage. Oh yeah, have a happy Mid-autumn festival everyone!

YAYOI Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, Sunday 16 September


PH: (02) 8317 4877

Level 3, 1909 Dining Precinct, Market City, 9/13 Hay Street, Haymarket NSW

Mon-Sun 11.30am – 10.30pm

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