Netflix/Podcast Recommendations- Last Chance U/Hard Knocks Podcast

Wow! Here’s a first – a cross medium recommendation! But the underlying point of similarity is the fact that they’re both football reality shows!

Netflix- Last Chance U season 1

East Mississippi is a long, long way from Sydney NSW, and this is why we love reality TV, as you get a real glimpse into real lives, oftentimes quite different from our own reality. For us, Last Chance U wasn’t so much the football aspect which made the show interesting for us. But it’s the individuals, it’s the stories, and seeing a side of people which you’d otherwise never see. Be that the good, bad and the ugly of being a coach of young men; the gentleness behind a 250-pound defensive lineman; the genuine connection faculty staff develop with their students; and how this game of football really is the last chance for these young men! And although it wasn’t all about the football, it was still nice to see my wife show interest and attempting to understand the confusing game of American football (if you’ve never followed it before) e.g. asking why it was bad to run up the scoreboard with seconds to go in the second quarter? Haaha.

We’re currently taking a break before we return to Scuba for season 2 (as it was a bit of an emotionally draining series) but we’ll be back to see how the Lions go in season 2016!

If you’re interested to check out Last Chance U, click HERE!

HBO- Hard Knocks Podcast

And if watching Hard Knocks isn’t enough for you, there is even a companion app! Or in my case, I don’t have cable TV and Hard Knocks the podcast is all that I have to keep up with the goings on of Hard Knocks season 14 – starring the Oakland Raiders! Grrrrrr.

For us Aussies who aren’t all that familiar with Hard Knocks, HK is an annual NFL Films production, where camera crews follow a given team for 5 weeks during their pre-season as the team prepares for a new start to a new season. The stories usually centre on the Rookies (college kids who were just drafted to the professional world of football); unsigned or undrafted players who are attempting to make it onto the final 53 man roster (pre-season starts off with almost 100 players); and we discover who are the quirky characters on the team. For the Oakland Raiders the quirkiest characters have been their coach Jon Gruden, their superstar Wide Receiver acquisition Antonio Brown, and Rookie Johnathan Abram “Is it Salmon or Sal-mon?”

Hard Knocks the Podcast is hosted by NFL Network’s Peter Schrager; the pod is a tight professionally produced show (less than 30 mins), discussing the highlights from the latest HBO episode, further insights to the key stories through interviews with people close to the action in Oakland, and if you just can’t get enough of the HBO show, then you have an extra 30 mins of content to enjoy! Great as a re-cap, even better as a summary of the show if you haven’t had the chance to see it- due to lacking access to HBO content.

If you’d like to enjoy the Hard Knocks series in a different way? Check out the Hard Knocks Podcast, just click HERE! Enjoy!

Podcast Recommendation- Inside Star Wars

Can you imagine a world pre-dating Star Wars the cinematic film? It’s hard hey? Especially if you were born after 1977, and words like wookiee, Jedi, and lightsaber has been a part of your vernacular for as long as you can remember. But through the power of podcast and immersive story-telling, now you can!

Inside Star Wars is a 7 episode podcast deep dive into Star Wars; through extensive research and re-enactments it tells the story of a young man who forged Star Wars out from his very own hands (George Lucas); explores the lives of the unknown cast before they became Luke, Leia and Han; and exposes all the doubters who thought Star Wars was going to be a universal flop!

Hosted by Mark Ramsey and brought to you by Wondery, you’re transported back to a time where tales of universes far far away were laughable, extra-terrestrial lifeforms resembled green Martian things, and movies were low-tech affairs produced in film lots in Hollywood. Take a trip down memory lane to learn of George’s back-story, his obsession to detail, the unlikely stars who became larger than life, and life after Star Wars.

I’m not that into Star Wars, but this podcast had me hook, line and sinker! I couldn’t wait till each Wednesday when the next episode dropped to hear what else would be revealed when another layer was peeled away, and I was just so blown away finding out what a hard slog George Lucas had to endure to bring his movie to life; getting my head around the concept that people actually thought that Star Wars was a bad concept; and the fact that Harrison Ford was a carpenter building movie sets before he was rocketed to stardom on the back of….or thrusters of…Star Wars!

If you’re an oldie and you can remember the 1977s, check out the pod and be taken back to an age long long ago in your own personal history! For non-fans, check it out to better appreciate the origins of Star Wars! And for you Jedies, you’ll listen to it regardless, as you’ll consume anything Star Wars related to help you pass the time until ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ finally reaches your nearest cinema!

To listen to Inside Star Wars, click HERE! Enjoy!

Podcast Recommendation- Life Kit All Guides

Don’t you love ads? Podcast advertisements, that is. This latest podcast was introduced to me by in-pod advertising, I was happily listening to ‘How I Built This’ when they cross-promoted another pod by NPR. And it sounded so interesting that I had to stop what I was listening to, so I could immediately search for and start listening to this pod!

What caught my attention, was the promise of examining how to get a better night sleep! And this is very intriguing for me, as I’ve been a slave to insomnia for the past 18 years.

Life Kit All Guides- NPR

Life Kit All Guides is a new podcast, where each fortnight they delve into a different life topic under the categories of Personal Finance, Health, and Parenting- dedicating 3 episodes (spread out over 2 weeks) to examine all there is to know about the topic in question.  Scanning over their past episodes, they have covered the financial topics of budgeting, being a better saver, avoiding unnecessary fees, and developing Credit Card IQ; the health topics of sleep, nutrition, and healthy weight loss; and the parenting topics of how to discuss adult topics with young kids, teaching kids self-control, and showing kids how to love math etc. And there’s only going to be more Life Kits scheduled to drop as the weeks go by! Each topic is hosted by a different NPR journalist who usually reports on said topic, and they conduct interviews with experts in the field for their expert insights.

What I’ve learnt in regards to getting a better night sleep, is how 20 minutes of natural sunlight each morning resets our 24 hour body clock which ensures that by bed time we’re feeling adequately sleepy; how we shouldn’t consume caffeine 7 hours before bed time; how regular exercise is critical to a good night’s sleep; how alcohol-induced sleepiness is actually not good for us; and how we should leave our smart devices alone 60-90 minutes before bed. Since I’ve listened to the pod, I’ve actively made some changes in my habits and for the past week I’ve been sleeping better and have felt more alert during the day! Fingers crossed that I can maintain this, as this is actually life-changing stuff!

So if you’re interested to check out how you can improve your quality of life with Life Kit All Guides, click HERE!

Podcast Recommendation- Hackable?

Hey! This week I’m going to recommend one of the most intriguing podcasts I’ve ever heard before! Now that our lives literally revolve around our various smart (and sometimes not so smart) devices, thus the topic of hacking and our online vulnerability is a timely topic. For me personally, I have an interest in the world of hacking, not because I want to hack anyone, but I’m just intrigued by guys & gals who have the ability to play their fingers at lightning speed over their keyboards like pianists, typing out commands and keystrokes, working their way into other people’s systems. It’s both frightening and intriguing at the same time, and now there is a podcast which reveals this shadowy enclave of our society!

‘Hackable?’ is a podcast brought to us by McAfee®, the anti-virus company – the branded podcast is award-winning and is hosted by famed Canadian media personality Geoff Siskind. At the time of writing this post, Hackable? has wrapped up their 3rd season of  episodes, so there are 24 episodes you can binge listen to, and my fingers are crossed that a 4th season is coming soon!

The podcast is very well produced, adopting a structure to each episode which makes it both predictable and entertaining (the 30 min eps just breeze by).

Each episode opens with a scripted re-enactment from a movie or TV scene depicting human interaction with technology – the visuals are described in much detail by our host (piquing our interest in what is to come). This is all before the show’s intro jingle, introducing the podcast and our greeting from our host Geoff Siskind, where he credits where the clip was taken from and what hack he has installed for us this week!

If Geoff is seemingly the foolhardy one, Bruce Snell, (cyber-security expert from McAfee) is the rational one, whom Geoff speaks with at the top of each episode to gain his expert opinion on the said area to be hacked. The show is predictable, as Bruce warns Geoff of the dangers, before Geoff outlines what he has already set in motion to expose himself to a hack (d’oh), revealing how easy it is and how vulnerable we all are if we’re the target for hackers.

In the more recent episodes, the show has introduced an interlude segment where Producer Pedro interviews a victim of said hack, before we cross back to Geoff where he has inevitably linked up with a Hacker or two, and has surrendered his own device for the hackers to invade his privacy, all in the name of science and our entertainment! No, no it’s very educational as well.

After the hackers prove that they can take control over Geoff’s device (it can easily be ours), Geoff re-connects with Bruce Snell, where Bruce advises Geoff and the listener on how we can protect ourselves from a similar attack. And like always, Geoff vows to be safer online, until the next episode where he once again volunteers his device or himself to another hack.

The hacks which have stayed with me have been: how easily your personal information on your laptop can be accessed if your device falls into the wrong hands, even if your laptop is password protected! How any digital image floating around the Internet has GPS coordinates embedded in the image’s code, that with the know-how and the right web-site, anyone can pin-point where that picture was taken and potentially find out where you live! How a keyless car fob works, and how easy it is to mimic that frequency so with the right hardware someone can steal your car without your key, like as easy as stealing candy from a baby! And how some smart devices around our home are literally inviting strangers right into our dwelling places, allowing God-knows-who to see and hear us in our most private setting, and take control over devices around our home! All very very scary!

So if this has piqued your interest, and you’re curious to hear how all these hacks are possible, and how to protect yourself (for those whom I’ve just made paranoid), just click HERE! And you can start listening immediately to how, and how you can protect yourself from being a victim of hackers. Enjoy!

Podcast recommendations- Business podcasts

With the university semester starting next week, now is the perfect time to  familiarise yourself with the following business-y essential listening podcasts, which will make your Commerce/Business degree a whole lot more enjoyable for you in 2019!

More than a decade ago I was a fresh-faced first year university student, embarking on a degree in business. And as much as I enjoyed reading case studies and doing assessments on successful entrepreneurs and their businesses, I’m sure if these podcasts were around back in those days, surely studying would have almost felt like pure joy! But while I can sit here and think about ‘what if….’, you my friend can benefit in the here and now from these podcasts!

The Pitch- Gimlet media

To get you started at the ground floor, ‘The Pitch’ is a perfect introduction to the world of business, right at the infancy of something special. I remember fondly to my first semester- Marketing Fundamentals, and one of our first major assessments was a group assignment to first come up with a product idea, build a marketing strategy around it and then pitch our product to our lecturers. If you’re a fan of ‘Dragon’s Den’ or ‘Shark Tank’, you’ll enjoy ‘The Pitch’, as it follows a similar formula to these TV shows. In each episode (approx. 30 mins in duration) you’re introduced to a start-up founder and their product as they pitch to a panel of venture capitalists and angel investors, selling them on their vision and path to financial success. The range of entrepreneurs have covered the entire spectrum of industries and products, from a suit that never crinkles no matter how disrespectfully you shove it into a backpack, to an overly ambitious Aussie rocket scientist who had an idea to develop a space tug which tows satellites into the correct orbit in space. How ‘The Pitch’ differs from Dragons and Sharks, is that the deal placed on the table is less rigid (not asking for $100K for 10% stake in their company), but they’re simply there to ask investors to invest in them for the promise of future returns. Therefore investors have the flexibility to put in as little as $5K or as much as half a Mill, to help the entrepreneur close their current round of investment; and there have been episodes where all investors have put in money and there have been plenty of times where the entrepreneur has walked away with nothing. Hence the show is less about the negotiation, but based on the quality of the product and the entrepreneur’s ability to alleviate the investors’ concerns. And with upwards of half an hour devoted to one entrepreneur,  the show is able to dive deeper into the individual’s backstory; the actual pitch; the questioning/grilling; the aftermath when the entrepreneur has left the room and the investors unpack what they just seen/heard; and best of all they conduct a one month follow-up, where the host of the show Josh Muccio catches up with the entrepreneurs to find out how everything panned out after the show (many deals actually fall through after further probing by the investors, and on the off-chance sometimes the investors bring in syndicates and pour even more cash into the business).

To listen and for more information about ‘The Pitch’, click on:

And if this doesn’t already get you motivated about getting stuck into your first semester of a business/commerce degree, check this out! Where things can go if everything breaks right for you! While I have to emphasize that there’s nothing wrong in spending the next 40 years of your working life as a small cog in a multi-national corporation……

How I Built This with Guy Raz- NPR

Why I love ‘How I Built This‘ and why it’s one of the very first podcasts I’ve ever subscribed to, is largely due to the host Guy Raz- as he is one of the best and most natural interviewers you’re ever going to hear! And secondly it’s the level of access Guy has to the most famous and interesting entrepreneurs, each one having a minimum of an 8 figure net worth. Guy’s guests have ranged from the OGs like Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Howard Schultz (Starbucks), and Michael Dell (Dell Computers) just to name a few; to the new kids on the block like John Zimmer (Lyft), Katrina Lake (Stitch Fix), and Michael Dubin (Dollar Shave Club) and the list goes on and on (to date HIBT has released 106 episodes- although some eps have been re-runs). In approx. 45 minutes, Guy has a face-to-face sit down interview (my pet hate are Skype interviews) with each entrepreneur, learning about their lives before starting their respective businesses; the struggles they had to overcome in the early days; the fortunate breaks they received along the way; and fond accounts of when their business started to snowball and gain real traction! And the interesting thing I’ve found is that the vast majority (we’re talking like 95%) of the entrepreneurs are all self-made men and women, not born into wealth but they had a good idea and most times risked it all to follow their dreams! So it proves that anyone can make it, if you have a unique idea, work hard enough at it, and enjoy some luck along the way. And the part I enjoy the most, is the final 5 minutes of the show where an everyday entrepreneur is given their time to shine in ‘How You Built That’. Here up and coming inventors can submit their stories, and have a chance to talk about their real-life product/side hustles, and I’ve obtained some interesting tidbits on some emerging inventions like InstrumentOne- a one-stop digital musical instrument, to the whimsical products like hair-ties for guys who sport man-buns (picture skull motifs on ribbons).    

If you want to learn more about ‘How I Built This’, and where you can listen to the podcast, click on:

So now that you’re armed with some group assignment ideas, and have a list of backstories you can tap into if you need to type-up a case study on a business or its founder for a Management course, here is the last business-y podcast I’ll recommend to you for now.

Household Name-Business insider

This last podcast I’ve only been following for the past month, but since in this post I’ve recommended podcasts which follow the natural growth projection of successful businesses, i.e. the start-up to the cash-out phase, now it’s only fitting to close out this post with a podcast that explores those companies that have grown so large that they’ve become a ‘Household name’ – institutions which have been around since the dawn of time (well, at least for as long as you can remember)- businesses like KFC, Disney, Apple etc. They are companies which you believe you’re familiar with, but are you really? Household name’s host Dan Bobkoff and his team of investigative reporters dig and uncover the most obscure but interesting stories about these businesses, for example the first episode I listened to  was on KFC and how eating KFC fried chicken on Christmas Day has become the cultural tradition in Japan?! What the? Or the story of the gangs of bedazzled leather jacketed adults who roam the magical streets of Disneyland each weekend. Only in America! I’m still trying to work-out if ‘Household Name’ is going to become a regular pod in my highly organised/rigid weekly listening schedule, but for now if you want some fun facts or conversational starters when you’re next sitting in a business lecture and you want to break-the ice with the cute stranger sitting next to you……. Dig out some fun facts you’ve learnt from ‘Household Name’ and watch their previously disinterested face light up in wonder over your tales!… can thank me later….

To listen and for more info on ‘Household Name’, click on:

I think there is no better time than the present to be a student, in the day and age of all these resources which is making learning fun and interactive! I hope that this trio of podcasts (and other similar podcasts you’ll find if you follow the rabbit-warren of ‘You might also like’ recommendations) can both entertain you, and motivate you to enjoy your studies! And for those who are long past the university stage of life, these podcasts can just be a form of guiltless entertainment, they’re business-y but produced/scripted so well that it’s pure entertainment!

Now for you uni students, the only real dilemma which you face is how to reference podcasts in your in-text referencing/bibliography section of your essay! Haaha. Hit us up below and let me know if these podcasts have motivated you in anyway. Yeah? And if you know of anyone who might benefit from these pods, please feel free to share this post with them.

Podcast Recommendations- Foodie podcasts

It all started in mid-2018 when I was performing my quarterly browse of iTunes’ list of trending podcasts – a Foodie podcast jumped out at me (largely due to the name, but also due to the fact that there aren’t many Foodie podcasts out there)!

What the F is for Dinner? – 9podcasts

That first podcast was ‘What the F is for Dinner?’ hosted by Jane de Graaff. The show’s concept is smart and to-the-point, each week Jane interviews a well known Chef and spends a brief moment chatting before she pulls out a recipe, reads it out and her guest advises in how they would approach the cooking of that dish to make it easier for the ‘everyday man/woman’.

The podcast is punchy (around 10 minutes per ep), it’s fun and lively, and in the end you leave with some helpful tips and a recipe which you can really try that night (I tried one of the Mac and Cheese recipes to great success)!

If you’d like to give ‘What the F is for Dinner?’ a go, check-out:

Jane started the show on 8 November 2017, and the most recent episode dropped on 3 December 2018; so there are plenty of past episodes for you to binge listen to, and more new content on its way!

And once I had latched onto this one Foodie podcast, I just rode the wave for all it was worth, following the rabbit hole of ‘You might also like’ podcast suggestions and that was how I found my next Foodie podcast:

The Pass Australia’s Newest Podcast- The Pass

I guess it takes some onions to name a podcast ‘Australia’s newest podcast’ as your podcast name can quickly become inaccurate (as What the F is for Dinner is in fact Australia’s latest food podcast), and it takes even more nerve to state in your podcast blurb that you’re “One of Australia’s favourite food podcasts” when you’re just starting out and unknown. But hats off to Magdalena Roze who hosts each episode, as The Pass’ podcast concept is probably the most solid from the 4 Foodie podcasts which I follow and the format which I enjoy the most.

The format of the show is as follows: Mags meets up with a renowned Chef at either their home or their business and spends some time chatting about them, their concept of food, and their business, before reaching the midway point of the show when her guest reveals where he/she will be taking her for lunch (usually at one of the guests’ favourite local haunts). And with microphones continuously recording, they hop into cars to get there,  make their orders at the restaurant/café, and then enjoy their meals; all the while their candid conversations continue. The result is that you the listener obtains a great insight into the Chef, like eavesdropping on a neighbouring table’s private conversation. Another aspect of the show which I particularly like, is learning of unknown Sydney restaurants (to me at least) from the Chefs themselves, and listening to what they end up ordering (I now have a little notebook full of restaurants and dishes Chefs have ordered across the episodes, which I’d like to try one day).

If you’d like to join me and eavesdrop on Mags and her guests, click on:

Mags started the Pass on 20 February 2017, so there are 2 seasons worth of shows to binge listen to. But unfortunately the most recent episode is from 30 May 2018; the show is released in seasons, so I’m hoping that they’ll release a 3rd season soon.  

So still hot on the rabbit’s heels, I discovered the next podcast I’m going to tell you all about. This Foodie pod is the show which I’ve listened to the most (6 years’ worth of episodes I’ve binged on thus far). But this is by-and-large due to the fact that it’s the longest running Australian Foodie podcast with the most extensive back-issue! **Note: “What the F” and The Pass are more professional productions with a team of people working on them, with theme music, and after-production edits; but the next two shows are independent productions and a little bit more ‘amateurish’.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry- Lee Tran Lam

An embarrassing confession I have to make first (and I’m only sharing this because it was such a light bulb moment!), but it was only this morning that I realised the name of the show was “Unbearable Lightness” not “Unbearable Likeness”, and that actually makes a whole lot more sense now! I was going to be a hopeless ‘Fan-boy’ if I ever met Lee Tran, and ask her what was the deep philosophical meaning behind her show’s name. I’m not joking, more than a couple of times over the past months I’ve stopped to think “The unbearable likeness of being hungry……” What is she comparing the feeling of hunger to?  But it’s Lightness! I get you now!  Lightness, as in not being heavy from being full? I’m confused…. Have I grasped the meaning???? *Shrug*.

But regardless of the title, The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry is my go to podcast, for the simple fact that Lee Tran has this amazing access to a host of amazing guests! And those whom she chats with aren’t limited to only famous Sydney Chefs, but Sommeliers, Baristas, front-of-house staff etc. etc. So it’s a really wide cross section of the hospitality industry and each person seems to be very familiar and comfortable with her so they end up opening up and being very candid in their responses. At first I used to get annoyed with Lee Tran for always asking the same handful of questions (she never diverts from those questions) but over time you’re reliant on the predictability which takes the guest through a logical sequence (Was food a big deal when they were growing up?; What were their highlights and lowlights of their career?; their favourite places to eat and drink in Sydney?; and what places they’re looking forward to try?). And with these questions, the guest inevitably pours out their life story to Lee Tran and you’re the beneficiary of Lee Tran’s connection with her guests! But don’t get me wrong, the show isn’t Q and then A, but some of the most interesting parts is the result of Lee Tran’s extensive research into her guest’s life; the information which she is able to rattle off-the-top-of-her-head is incredible and I think all of her guests respect her for that and feed off her interest in them, so it’s not an interview as-such but a real conversation between 2 people. If you want to meet all the interesting people Lee Tran has chatted with over the years, please click on:

Now my biggest fear is that my binge listening of back-issues will eventually catch up to the present day episodes, and then I’ll just have to wait for future episode drops. Boo! Lee Tran’s first episode went to air on 1 August 2012, and unfortunately the frequency of her uploads has slowed in recent years, but on the bright side her most recent ep was made available on 24 December 2018 so she’s still going strong! And I still have all of 2016 and 2017’s episodes to listen to. *Rubs hands in glee*. And I’d just like to add, by far Lee Tran is on the top of my list of Podcasters whom I’d like to meet! And with the weirdness of the Internet, I’m silently hoping that she might see this post one day, my homage to her work! Haaha.  

Which now leads me to the last of the 4 Foodie podcasts which I’m subscribed to and which I’m going to recommend to you. I have to admit the first time I heard this podcast, I stopped after 20 minutes into it and then deleted it from my library. The reason was that I found it too crude with all the swearing, and it was too “Yo Bro!”….”That’s sick!”…..”DUDE!”…. It was just too much like high school all over again. And it didn’t help that I started listening from the latest episode, so I was confused with all the different voices (they usually have 6 people) and there wasn’t much context to what they were chatting about.

But a few months later, when I was working my way through Lee Tran’s podcasts too quickly and I was starting to panic about running out of un-listened episodes, so I had a need to find something else to intersperse in between ‘The unbearable lightness’ so I went on my interminable search for new Foodie podcasts again. But there weren’t anything that I hadn’t tried before (crap I sound like an addict), and I came crawling back to The Mitchen. But this time I learnt my lesson, I commenced at episode 1 to obtain all the context to their banter.

The Mitchen- Andrew Levins and Mitch Orr

The Mitchen is hosted by Andrew Levins (Writer and DJ and former owner of The Dip at Good God) and Mitch Orr (Head Chef of ACME), and each week around Mitch’s dining table which they dub the ‘Mitchen’, around wine and tea Andrew and Mitch have their mates over (all Chefs and guys in the hospitality industry) and they just chat about the goings on with the Sydney food scene. It is incredibly insightful to hear about a side of the hospitality industry which we as customers are unaware of, and for me it’s given me a greater appreciation of how difficult this industry is, especially in Sydney. Tell you the truth, I’ve been more comfortable with paying ‘Sydney prices’ for food now that I know how expensive it is to operate a small business in Sydney, and the only way your favourite restaurant can stay afloat, is to support them by just eating and drinking what you want and not being too concerned with the cost (a hard concept to grasp being Asian).

Yes, admittedly once you hear the Mitchen you’re presented with another side to well-known Chefs who you thought you knew (as often when we see these Chefs in the media, they’re on their best/public behaviour); but when they’re at the Mitchen they’re relaxed and let loose. That results in hearing your favourite Chefs swear perhaps a bit more than you’d like; and perhaps see a side of them that you didn’t care to see. However I guess the food industry is like that, it’s high pressure and guys will be guys, and the gals need to be like one of the boyz to fit in. So if you ever choose to listen to the Mitchen, I must warn you of the explicit language; and advise you to start with episode 1, as it makes more sense when you start the journey from the beginning. And shout-out to Andrew Levins, he is a great host and quite funny (although the other guys don’t like to admit it), all I have to say is LOL Levins! So if you’re prepared for the Mitchen and you promise that you won’t be turned off your favourite Chefs after you witness them being themselves around their mates, then please click on:

The Mitchen first started on 15 August 2015, and the most recent episode was uploaded on 18 June 2018; unfortunately it does look like the boys are no longer producing content, but on the bright side there are 74 past eps which you can binge listen to. If you’re interested to know, I’m currently up to episode 21.

So that’s it! My 4 Foodie podcasts which I’m subscribed to and recommending to you. I personally think they’re all required listening if you’re a Sydney-based Foodie! **End note: One depressing thing about listening to old episodes about Sydney’s food scene, is the fact that there are many Chefs and restaurants which are featured in these podcasts who have since closed their businesses. *Sad look*. The only way we can support our vibrant Sydney dining scene, is to just go out and enjoy Food and Drink! Hit us up below, let me know what you think if you gave any of the Foodie podcasts some of your ear-time!