Netflix recommendations- Somebody feed Phil (Season 1

A little late to the party, but better late than never!

I’d seen ‘Somebody feed Phil’ on my Netflix recommendations for years now, but oddly enough I was never compelled to check it out- which is weird, as we’re massive fans of the travel documentary genre. But we did check it out (when we ran out of stuff to watch), and aren’t we glad we did  so!?

For those who aren’t familiar with Phil Rosenthal, he was the Producer behind the hit comedy series  ‘Everyone Loves Raymond’, and he’s just a thoroughly likeable/loveable guy. From his comical facial expressions, his cheeky voice, his ability to connect with anyone and everyone he meets, and his ability to make you smile- not through jokes, but just being his adorable self? I just think he’s got a gift, a gift to make people happy.

Each episode of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’, Phil explores a new city in a new country, either being guided around by a local guide, eating his way through the local delights, and when he’s not eating he’s getting involved with community groups to better understand the culture and the people of the country. And throughout the 45-60 minutes he’s basically making you feel like you want to be there too!

And I’d say he’d change my perception on a few places, locations which I had never, never considered visiting before (Telaviv  and Mexico City), but now I’m a little bit curious and open minded to explore those locations in the future.

And the serendipitous thing was this, we watched episode 1 of season 1, and it was good we enjoyed it (I thought it was a bit long though). And the very next morning I listened to the weekly episode of ‘The Sporkful’, and guess who Dan Pashman happen to be interviewing for that episode? Yeah, you guessed it, Phil Rosenthal! That blew my mind, as what was the chances of that happening!?

So, after listening to the interview, I fell in love with Phil a little bit more, it’s the way that he always sounds so light-hearted and fun, and then learning about his back story and who he was (to that point I didn’t know if he was a Comedian or  a lesser known Actor). So, that Sporkful episode really helped to place him in context, and now when we tell people what we’re watching-  We always say, ‘he’s the Producer behind Everyone Loves Raymond’.

I just can’t describe it, just hearing/seeing Phil makes me happy- so if you just want to feel good about the world even just for 45-60 minutes at a time, check-out ‘Somebody Feed Phil’, there’s 5 seasons to binge on Netflix right now! Just click HERE! *Smiling with a wide open grin*. 

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