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My grandfather used to say, although I couldn’t see, but I was still more informed about the world around me than most people. And he wasn’t wrong, as although I couldn’t physically see what was going on around me, but I used to keep myself informed by listening to everything I could get my hands on. And these were the dark ages of AM/FM radio, and before I had my own computer with adaptive technology. So, I had to rely purely on free to air radio stations for news of the outside world, outside of my own four walls.

So, you can say, this is why I particularly enjoy podcasts, as it’s just like old school radio, but you get to pick and choose what you want to listen to, when you want to hear it! And for the past 18 months I’d been following the BBC’s coverage of the Corona Virus, by the way of their daily Coronavirus Global Update podcast- a daily 5 minute whip around the globe, covering the main Covid-19 related stories of the day. Until one day, when the new episodes just stopped. And days went by without a new upload. This was in late February and soon I realised why. The war in Ukraine had started, and the BBC were diverting their resources to cover the conflict over there. And in my podcast player, under ‘You might like’, was the BBC’s ‘Global News Podcast’. So, I naturally gave it a listen.

And to my surprise and pleasure, I found all the same newsreaders who I’d grown familiar with, but now instead of covering the Coronavirus, they were covering the war. And for the first few weeks it was just wall to wall coverage of Ukraine, 2 episodes a day, 30 minutes each. So, from being across everything related to Covid-19, all of a sudden I was all across the goings on in Ukraine.

But now that the world has turn its attention to other matters, the Global News Podcast has a more balanced reporting, they cover everything and anything. From conflicts to science, entertainment to politics, the obscure to the mega-mainstream i.e. Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. They cover it all! so if you want to see beyond your own local happenings and prefer to turn your attention more further afield, then check out the Global News Podcast! Why I’d recommend it, is that in a daily 30 minute hit, I’m given all the news which matters around the world. Gone is the need to actively look for trending news items on the web or sit through hour long TV news broadcasts with all that advertising in-between. But now I wake up each morning, listen to my 30 minutes while I go about my morning routine  and I’m up to speed in what’s important around the world!

And because it’s the BBC, I find their reporting to be fair and impartial, detailed and to the point, and most importantly it’s trustworthy!

So, if you want to develop some new habits in how you receive your information, free from fake-news, and spared any sensationalism or purely eyeball grabbing headlines- check-out the BBC’s Global News Podcast, just click HERE! And you can be as informed as mee……. “So, they say it’ll be any day now when we’ll land our first man on the moon! How awesome is that?”

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