Netflix recommendations- Bling Empire (season 2

This proves that there is absolutely no good shite on Netflix ATM!

And this is exactly what my sister has been telling me for the past 12 months, why they say they rarely watch Netflix anymore. As there’s  an obvious drop-off in good and new content to binge on Netflix! Grrrr! But what we’re seeing are the second instalments of series which did alright in 2021- now extending out the story-lines for another season. But are these second go-rounds any good?

In the case of Bling Empire season 2, I have to admit it’s as good as, or perhaps even better than season 1? But what does that really say about season one though? For those who are unfamiliar with Bling Empire, it was dubbed as the real life version of  ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. And they’re justified to say so, as each of them were born into wealth (in some cases mega-wealth, we’re talking 10 figures here), while some are self-made, while some are just your typical run of the mill good looking Asian model. You know?

In season one we spend much of the time just getting to know these rich Asian characters, and in season two we delve a little deeper below the surface, learning of their hidden secrets, vulnerabilities, and who likes whom etc. And of course, after seeing their friends gain notoriety (probably on Instagram or gossip blogs), their equally shallow friends had to get into the mix, so we’re introduced to a few more of their friends, just as rich and eyebrow raising as the others.

For moments there was a story-line which I was really getting behind, be that the deepening friendship between Kevin and Kim- the two most down-to-earth of all of their friends. But of course, drama split them asunder, due to a manufactured drama. But who am I kidding!? The entire show is one big, manufactured drama! It’s either rich people creating their own drama to make their otherwise meaningless existences more meaningful (in their eyes); or the drama is manufactured for the benefit of Netflix and its viewers. As after all both Kelly and Christine are Executive Producers on the show.

But hey, like I always say, when you point a finger at someone else, three fingers are pointing right back at you. So, what does this show say about me? Here I am rolling my eyes at the rich, and their silly antics, but I’m the one who is encouraging them. Because as I  invest my time to watch their antics, my viewing habits are then providing data to Netflix so they can decide if they’re going to pay for a 3rd season of Bling Empire. The end outcome being that if their renewed for a third show it furthers each of their ambitions of being celebrities, people who you recognise on the streets and follow on mass on all the social platforms. *Shrug*.

And even as I now blog about Bling Empire, this exhibits how few good shows are currently on Netflix, half of the driving force for me to complete the series was so that I had content for this weekly blog!? *Headshake*. Last year I had rolled-up the review of Bling Empire season one into a post where I reviewed 3 similar shows all at once. But now due to the lack of content, I’ve spent an entire post on it! And it doesn’t prove that it’s great or even good, but more like there’s nothing else to write about ATM! Ahhhhh!

Netflix, I hope you have a whole pipeline of new shows coming our way! As you have a hungry audience out there, an audience addicted to binging content- an addiction which you Netflix had first created in us! If you don’t meet our needs, we’ll just have to go elsewhere to find a streaming service alternative who can give us what we need! Constant new shows! Bigger! Better! Badder than what has come before it! Moohaaha!

For those who have already scraped the bottom of the Netflix barrel and looking for anything and everything to binge, check-out Bling Empire, just click HERE! Let the shallowness and petty drama begin      !

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