Netflix recommendations- The Circle (Season 4

For the life of me, I can’t remember who won season 3! Argh!

And here we go again! I have to admit, with some Netflix series, they do feel like you’ve just finished one and the next season is already released! But in the case of the Circle, it’s a very welcomed thing! As the Circle thus far has been super entertaining, the players have been characters you can definitely fall-in-love with, and there are always twists and surprises which keep both you and the player on their toes!

And season 4 is no exception, the central features which you know and love from the Circle are still there. E.g., the Circle building located in Salford, England; each individual player isolated in their own apartment like they’re in COVID Hotel quarantine; Circle chat- a social networking like platform which is their only means of communication with their fellow players; the anonymity they hide behind to either play as a ‘Catfish’ or to secretly throw shade on nemesis or ally alike; the popularity votes to nominate the Influencers which ultimately determine the outcome of the game; and of course, the $100K+ prize pot for the winner of the game!

But in season 4 there are a few extra secrets and twists e.g., a celebrity dual who Catfishes as a random player; the players having the potential to affect the size of the prize money; and even the return of an ex-player, all be that in the form of their true selves after the first time around their profile was used as a catfish avatar for another player! So, with those new surprises installed for season 4, this novelty alone made the latest return back to the Circle worthwhile for us!

And as the seasons go by, I think the producers are becoming more experienced in casting and choosing the right players for the game. As this season each individual brought their own charm to the show. In the final 5, honestly it was anyone’s game. There was no obvious weak player who you could easily right-off straight away,  nor could you say there was a favourite. So, it was a guess to who was going to win, right to the very end! And this time, it seemed like all players had fun, no animosity in the house- and I think the Circle has set themselves up nicely for a great 5th season! As I think the Circle franchise is only building up steam at this point, and the fans of the show are still wanting more! The concept has definitely not run its course just yet. Although, although, the seasons are starting to all blur into one another. Recalling back with my wife, we can remember the key players from season 1 and 2, and who won those seasons. But for the life of me, we cannot remember who won season 3! And I’m too lazy to look it up on Wikipedia to find the answer. But I’m sure they were a deserving winner……..

For those who haven’t checked-out the Circle yet , please start from season 1! But for those die hard fans, season 4 is out, and it is brilliant! To start binging, just click HERE! Let the overuse of hashtags and emojis begin!

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