Product recommendation- SunPork Fresh Foods

Get some of Dan and Steph’s pork on your fork!

Talk about celebrity power! The only reason we tried SunPork Fresh Foods’ line of sausages, was due to the fact that Dan and Steph from ‘My Kitchen Rules’ were all over the packaging. And aren’t we glad that we did so, from the vast selection of sausages on sale at Coles.

Since trying Dan and Steph’s recipe, we haven’t gone back to any of the other sausage brands. What I like the most about SunPork’s sausages, is that the sausage casing that they use, is super thin and edible!

What I mean is this, for the past couple of years I’ve been using sausages in replacement of meatballs in our pasta dishes. Just because I enjoy the various flavours and the assortment of ingredients on offer in sausages, compared to plain old packaged meatballs.

So what I do, is I cut uncooked sausages into segments, re-shape them into balls and then pan fry them. But most times with other brands of sausages, after pan frying them, the sausage casing remains uncooked. And what happens is, when you’re eating dinner you end up with pieces of elastic inedible casing, which reminds me a bit too much of latex glove fingers, or something worse…….

However SunPork uses a thin sausage casing, and even if you can still identify it after cooking, it’s thin enough to consume. Almost melting in the mouth.

And this up-side is even before getting to the intense flavours of the actual sausages! With most brands, they sound much nicer than they actually are. As most times you can’t taste the ‘wine’, or whatever herb they claim is contain within. However for Dan and Steph’s sausages, you can actually taste the chilli in their Spicy Sicilian sausage, and you can actually taste the herbs in their Farmhouse style sausage. And aside from Dan and Steph’s 2 newer flavours, SunPork also produces the Louisiana style sausage, and a Cheesy BBQ sausage which has runny cheese veins within it! Yum!

We’ve tried them all now, and they’re all great! So if you’d like to get some of Dan and Steph’s pork on your fork, check them out at Coles! Or click HERE to familiarise yourself with what you’re looking out for!

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