Netflix recommendations- The Royal House of Windsor

Just when you thought you knew it all!

We do have an odd fascination with the Royals, don’t we? That royal linage, being blood descendants of all the great Kings and Queens from the history books! But the Netflix documentary series ‘The Royal House of Windsor’ shed light and gave us some crazy ‘What the ‘moments, just when we thought we already knew all there is to know about our Royal family!

What the! Moment 1: The surname change.

I was so shocked to learn, that the Windsor’s had changed their surname from the very German sounding Saxe-Culburg Gotha to the Windsor’s in 1917 during the reign of George V, and attempt to distance themselves from their Germanic past, after the first World War. That’s amazing, how the royal family had buried that fact uber deep.

What the! Moment 2: Fun King David

Sure, we knew of King Edward VIII’s’ abdication as it was front and centre in ‘The King’s Speech’, but who knew that he was so beloved and charismatic- like Prince Harry of his day. Imagine how things could have been if he remained King?

What the! Moment 3: Lord Mountbatten.

Before watching The Royal House of Windsor, I had never heard of the man ‘Lord Mountbatten’, or that Prince the late Phillip was also a Mountbatten. But according to the documentary, Lord Mountbatten was a powerbroker behind the scenes, and had many plans to re-shape the Royal family according to his vision, until his untimely death in 1979.

What the! Moment 4: Queen Elizabeth can sound normal!

By now, we all know the Queen’s speech. That higher pitched, aristocratic British voice with that quaver to it? And she even spoke like that when she was in her 20s. But in the documentary, they showed some 3 second clips from a home video which captured the young Queen just being herself, talking to her kids. And shock horror! She sounds normal! But unfortunately, the private home videos had been aired once on British TV, but not to be aired ever again. It would be nice to see the Queen in her normal everyday ways, but I guess that would make her too relatable! And we can’t have that? Right?

What the! Moment 5: Prince Charles was a playboy?!

Now this I found hard to believe. But in the 70s, Prince Charles was actually a playboy, dating and breaking a many hearts along the way. How weird hey? The only image I have of Prince Charles is how he’s depicted in ‘The Windsors’, the spoof comedy of the royal family. There he’s dry, boring, and just interested in making organic cookies………

So, if you too want to learn all the truths of the Windsors, check-out ‘The Royal House of Windsor’, a real fascinating watch! When you’re finished, you’ll really know it all! To start, watching, click HERE!

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