Netflix recommendations- Selling Sunset season 1

If only all workplaces were this glamourous!

The Oppenheim Group ain’t your local Century 21, but a high-end Real Estate brokerage company  located in LA- owned by twin brothers Jason and Brett Oppenheim. And from 2018 onwards, camera crews have been following them and their team of ‘girls’, as they go about preparing, marketing, showing and selling these multi-million dollar LA mansions!

If you’ve never associated ‘open house’ to sex appeal before? This Netflix reality TV show might change your mind! Labelled as ‘Selling Sunset’, the Netflix series are 8 episodes (under 30 mins each) glimpses into how the top 1% of the world’s wealthy live. Where droppin’ $5 mill on a house is on the low end of the spectrum, which then  lands the Oppenheim Group a nice six figure commission! Wouldn’t that be nice?

But it’s not all about property, negotiations and selling- but the show spends just as much time (or more) following the lives of the Oppenheim Group- the centre of which is the latest addition  to the team- Chrishell. Produced like a reality-soapy, we see chrishell’s first day on the job where she meets her new colleagues for the first time, witness some gentle hazing of the new girl, the connections she makes (with Ava), and the frictions which develop (with Christine/Mary/Davina),an unavoidable outcome when egos, money, and reputations are on the line.

If a Millennial viewer had previously never ever considered buying their own home before, I wouldn’t say that Selling Sunset would inspire all people to jump onto to see what is on offer (as Selling Sunset made me a little depressed to learn how much property costs), but I’m sure Selling sunset may inspire the future 1% of the world’s wealthy to work hard/create the next multi-million-dollar app. Thus one-day they too can afford a 5 bdr, 9-bathroom mansion with an infinity pool!

Although some critics have made claims that Selling Sunset is all scripted and all the girls have only been brought into the Oppenheim Group for the shooting of the series- but please allow me to hold onto the fantasy of which Netflix has painted for us i.e. that there’re former models and actresses, teetering on their designer heels, conducting Covid safe open home inspections- posting up A4 sheets with QR code for people to scan on entry. Please let me maintain this fantasy. Please!

To start watching Selling Sunset seasons 1-3 (with the Oppenheim Group committed to seasons 4-5), click HERE! Let the Open house begin!

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