Audiobook Review- The Lincoln Lawyer

All good things must eventually come to an end.

And isn’t that true with all things? My epic 2.5 month career break has finally come to an end, and in the final month I was binge  listening to the Mickey Haller series a.k.a the Lincoln Lawyer; and after a month I’ve finished the entire 5 book series and here is my brief re-cap of the experience!

After Michael Connelly’s most well-known character (Harry Bosch), Mickey Haller is Connelly’s second most  widely used character, creating 5 standalone novels where Mickey is the main protagonist (while Mickey makes a further 5 cameo appearances in books in the Harry Bosch series). The 5 books which make-up the Mickey Haller series are:

The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)

Here we meet Mickey Haller for the very first time, a well-known Defence Attorney who works out of the back-seat of his Lincoln town car – criss-crossing the court houses of LA to represent his numerous small time clients in front of overworked judges in the busy LA justice system. All the while, Mickey attempts to drum-up further business, trying to secure future clients such as drug addicts, petty thieves, and con-artists. But this day is Mickey’s lucky day, when he scores the big one! Landing the case to defend a wrongly accused Beverly Hills playboy, charged over the attempted rape and assault of a ‘working girl’ set on extorting his client for a big pay-day. However not everything nor everyone is who they seem to be!

The Brass Verdict (2008)

After the death of an associate, Mickey inherits all of the in-flight cases of the slain defence attorney- the good money making cases, and the not so good. Included in this windfall is the lucrative and high profile defence of a multi-millionaire Hollywood producer, accused of killing his wife and her lover in a fit of jealous rage. Mickey and his half-brother LA Detective Harry Bosch, partner up to smoke-out the real killer behind the case! However who responds to the heat, isn’t who they expected it to be!    

The Reversal (2010)

Mickey is enticed to cross the aisle, and for the first time he sits at the Prosecution table acting on behalf of the People to keep a convicted child killer locked-up behind bars. It’s an all family affair, with ex-wife Maggie McPherson as his second chair, and his half-brother Harry Bosch as his Investigator. But now with the once convicted killer out on bail, no one is safe while he remains free in LA!

The Fifth Witness (2011)

The defence of foreclosure victims seemed like a safe enough business model, mundane but profitable enough for the Lincoln Lawyer – until a foreclosure client of Mickey’s is charged with the murder of a high ranking bank employee. Now Mickey finds himself back in the criminal courtroom, defending an accused murderer. Although the times have changed, blackmail, manipulation, greed and murder remain the same in this new world he lives in!

The Gods of Guilt (2013)

And after 8 years, many things loop back around to where it all started in Book One of the 5 book series – a prostitute whom Mickey had saved in the first novel, shows up dead in ‘The Gods of Guilt’. Mickey is hired to defend her accused killer – after he is convinced of the accused’s innocence and the framing of his client by a much higher power. And as Mickey does, he stirs up a hornet’s nest to draw out the shadowy culprits to a confrontation in the safety of the court-room……But this time, has Mickey angered a power stronger than he can withstand?

Each of the 5 books in the Mickey Haller series are nail-biters, thrilling page turners which will have you enthralled right through to the end! And once you’ve finished with one, you’ll be unable to resist starting the very next! Throughout the last 30 days, I was literally returning one title back to the library, and that same afternoon I was already cracking open the next. I powered through them so quickly that they all started to blur into one another. But if I was granted a ‘do-over’, a second chance to pace myself to make the experience last longer? Would I? Never! Given a second chance, I’d binge the series all over again, they were such a great read! Each as unpredictable as the previous instalment!

If you haven’t already read/listened to the Mickey Haller series, I emphatically insist that you do so! To get you started, just click on the link HERE, and it’ll take you to the Audible landing page for all of Michael Connelly’s audio books- including the Mickey Haller series! Enjoy.   

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