Podcast Recommendations- Kochie’s Easy Steps To Financial Success

Would you like to see more $$$ in your bank account? If your answer is yes, then you’d better check out this podcast!

No matter if you find David Koch a little bit annoying or not, but he does have his heart in the right place, as he wants to see you and your family achieve financial success in your lives! Free advice with no strings attached! Gold!

Kochie has recently released an 11 episode podcast series called ‘Kochie’s Easy Steps To Financial Success’, walking the listener through 11 easy steps in how you can maximise your dollar to help you achieve your financial goals, and ultimately make your retirement years more enjoyable!

Each episode is around 15 minutes in length, where Kochie speaks in simple understandable terms at a steady pace, so it’s super easy to follow, digest and to take notes if you’re the note-taking type. The 11 episodes literally cover off every financial topic under the sun, from more introductory topics like developing your financial goals, developing a household budget, managing debt, cutting costs, how to earn more money, to the more complex topics which we don’t like to think about like taxation, investing in shares, and insurance. *Shudders*. The most thought provoking of the 11 episodes was the topic of ‘To buy or to rent’, and Kochie floated the idea that perhaps renting might actually make more financial sense? Only if you’re diligent and you take the difference between the cost of rent and the potential cost of mortgage repayments, and invest that amount in something else? This approach I have to admit I’d never considered before. And I’ve never quite grasped the concept and when to use Negative gearing, and thanks to Kochie he has helped me finally understand when it’s a good idea to invest in property for its positive tax implications.

I’ve read some of the iTunes feedback to the podcast, some were glowing while some were pretty scathing 1 Star reviews. But I guess Kochie’s steps is targeted at middle-income Australia, so it’s an absolute privilege if you’re in a position to even consider implementing any of his financial suggestions. And I think his final episode resonated with me the most, in the end it comes down to your financial habits which are often developed when you’re a child. If you’ve always been frugal, naturally it’s a lot easier to save as an adult, regardless of how much money you’re making. But if your nature is to be generous to the people around you, and if you enjoy the finer things in life- then naturally the changes you need to make to squirrel away more of your salary will feel more difficult and feel like more of a sacrifice.

But I think it’s still worthwhile to just check out Kochie’s podcast, there are many gems in there, even if you’re only able to take away one or two suggestions which you can implement and maintain? Methinks that’s a pretty good outcome from a totally FREE podcast!? Yea?

If you want to check-out Kochie’s Easy Steps To Financial Success? Just click HERE! And if you’ve already enjoyed this pod, you can supplement what you’ve already learnt with content from Kochie’s web-site- Your Money Your Life, which has new content/articles uploaded there on a regular basis! 

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