Product Recommendation- Pistachio Squares

Here’s another praline-like product which I’ve been obsessing over!

Pistachio Squares by 180 Snacks! The product title says it all! It’s square in shape (a cube actually), it only contains 4 ingredients – dry roasted pistachios, organic brown rice syrup, sugar cane, and Himalayan pink salt! Can you say premium produce?

Each cube is a perfect size to be popped into your mouth (slightly larger than a dice), and it’s crunchy, salty and sweet all at the same time! It’s gluten free, kosher, free of any genetic modifications, dairy free, and peanut free!

In one word, it’s ‘Perfect’! As the ultimate tasty and healthy snack- not to mention if you’re like me and you need something sweet after something salty; and then something salty after having something sweet? 180 Snack’s Pistachio Square is ideal! Being both sweet and salty, so you just need one square, and it’s satisfied both of your savoury and sugary cravings!

The only problem is……It’s an obscure product. The only sellers we know of who are stocking this Californian product in Sydney is Costco, so you’ll have to be a member (or know one) to get your hands on this nutty treat! And knowing Costco’s unpredictable stocking behaviours – it’s not guaranteed that the Pistachio Square will always be there either. Boo!

So while stocks last, try out 180 Snack’s Pistachio Squares! They’re great!  

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