Live Gig Review- A Night on Broadway

Community theatre at its finest! FINEEEEEST!

There is something about Community Theatre which has totally captured me! It’s the fact that all these Guys & Gals are doing this for the pure passion of performing – no doubt rehearsing for weeks and weeks, perhaps even months and months, just to perform the show 4 times, and then poof! It’s all over! And all the performers do this as a hobby; they’re not getting a cut of the doors’ ticket takings! Right?

So, my wife and I, after 6-7 months of teasing and promoting live gigs, finally managed to catch our first live gig! Our first live show for season 2019 was the Mosman Musical Society’s original musical production ‘A Night on Broadway’, where they make light of the world of reality TV singing competitions!

The show begins at the semi-finals of a TV singing competition called ‘A Night on Broadway’ (season 41), starting with the eviction of the 4th last contestant before the grand finale (down to 3 contestants). And what takes place afterwards…well, you’ll just have to wait for the Mosman Musical Society to re-hash this show in say…approximately 12 years’ time, to find out for yourself?? (if the gap between the first run of ANOB (in 2007), and the present day run, is an indication of the length of time between drinks).

All of the singers were pitch perfect! All the dancers were swirlingly great! And the acting…well, everyone’s fake American accents were on point! The musicians were in time and jazzed up the show! While the only knock on the show, and the only element which showed-up that this was a community performance, compared to say the State Theatre, was the sound balancing. At times the volume of the band overwhelmed the lead singers’ vocals, but hey! it added to the charm of community amateur theatre! The venue was totally packed out (at least 250 person capacity) for the Saturday matinee time-slot at the Independent Theatre, located within the Wenona High School, North Sydney.

A Night On Broadway featured a 20+ ensemble cast, 16 Broadway classics, and a 7 piece band! I had to admit I didn’t know most of the show tunes, but the ones which I did recognise were ‘Hard knock life’, ‘The way you look tonight’, and ‘I got life’; while my favourite was ‘Ya got trouble’ – the young actress who performed this number was almost rapping the hundred-word-a-minute song! It was great!

And big ups to the main lead in the show, Dorothy (a.k.a Savannah Bell) and only 19 years old! Can you believe that? The future of Australian musical theatre is in good hands!!! And special mention to Jane (Suzanne Chin) for stealing the show at the end, with the final solo performance which had the audience cheering and whooping!

Bravo! Bravo! Girls & Boyz of the Mosman Musical Society! You had me feet-tapping and red raw palm-clapping right to the end! Too bad that by the time you read this post, A Night on Broadway’s 2019 run has already come to an end. *Sad look*. But to follow the MMS on Facebook, so you’ll be the first to know when they’ll be performing next, click HERE!

#Jooooooe Yeah! #Blessed! #A Night on Broadway during the day in North Sydney!

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