Sweet things- Red Ninja Dragon Fruit Yoghurt- Koomi

404 Sussex Street, Haymarket

Being a sucker for all that is new, we found ourselves squished into a tiny multi-purpose store on Sussex Street placing an order for a Red Ninja Dragon Fruit Yoghurt (Asian smoothie) ($6.80). And found ourselves slowly browsing unpriced Asian cosmetics, as we waited for our order to be called.

When our drink was ready, we brandished our new re-useable stainless steel bubble tea drinking straw and pierced the seal and took our first sip of another copy-cat yoghurt drink place, all wanting to capitalise on Yomie’s drinking yoghurt successes.

Squinty faced emoji!

It’s watery (runny), not like a proper smoothie you’d get from smoothie giants Boost.

And the dragon fruit flavour was doing a great job of hiding, just like ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’!

And what you mainly got through your disposable (or re-usable eco-friendly) straw was masticated bits of banana, and the associated furriness which accompanies accidental inclusion of banana peel into your diet.

The drink wasn’t sweet, but sour (should rename this seg ‘Sour Things are Made of These’), due to the Yakult flavoured yoghurt water.

Our end verdict, I guess it’s thumbs up if this drink was the intended outcome, as they’ve created a drink which is entirely unique to them! God help us though, if they were actually trying to replicate a Yomie rice yoghurt, or a Boost juice like smoothie. *Holds face in hands*.  But is it a product which is commercially viable? I don’t think so. It could pass as an interesting drink if put together at home for friends, but probably not as a product you’d sell on the streets of Sydney.

If you wanna try this? I’d probably suggest you get on down here quick smart, as I can’t see them staying in business for much longer. R.I.P Koomi.  

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