Product Recommendations- Bhuja chip mix

Holy Cow! Have you tried Majans’ latest product? Bhuja chip mix?

Attracted to them by Coles’ promotional promise of 2 packs for $6 and their exotic sounding flavours (Butter Chicken and Tandoori Delight), we happily gave them a go!

The first surprise when we dug our hands into the packet, was that the chippies are a mix of 4 different types! The types included veggie chips (I’m thinking they’re the ones which are light like a prawn cracker?); legume chips (this one is quite a dense chip); potato crunchers™ (and good on them for trademarking this potato chip, as it’s the crunchiest potato chip you’ll ever find out there!); and Bombay chips (not sure which chip this one is).

The chips have a light dusting of spices, so it’s not overwhelming. If anything, I wouldn’t mind it if the flavours were a bit more intense! However checking out their website now, the chips do not contain artificial colours, no trans fats, no added MSG, no preservatives, and are suitable for vegetarians! So if it’s all natural, then it’s really good! Considering you can count these towards your daily veg intake!

When sharing the Tandoori Delight with my wife, I have to admit that I was digging around the pack just for the potato chips (which were easy to feel out as they were crinkle cut). I must have consumed 75% of them! Oops. They’re really moreish! But my advice is to give the bag a good shake before opening, as I think the automated chip filling machines first fills the bag with one chip type, and then adds the other, and then the next etc. Thus the types of chips are layered, with the Veggie chips sitting on top. So shaking the pack will guarantee more of a lucky dip, thus giving you more surprise and delight!

You can find Majan’s Bhuja Chip mixes at your local Coles, $4.00 for a 110g bag. Bhuja chips come in 3 flavours- Butter Chiken, Tandoori Delight, and Turmeric & Chilli.

For more information about the Bhuja Chip Mixes, click HERE!

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