Google Home- Your Dining Concierge

I know I could’ve easily done it myself, ‘Just Google it’ from your phone or laptop! Right? But I was too lazy so I tested if my Smart assistant could do this task for me.

“Ok Google, what time does Griddle King close today?”

I really didn’t expect her to give me an appropriate answer, but lo and behold, Google was able to tell me that they were open till 7.30pm that night, and they had opened that day at 7.30am. Wow! What else can Google tell me!?

Phone number? ‘Check’.

Address? ‘Check’.

Distance from me? ‘Check’.

Walking directions? ‘Check-ish’, Google only tells you which major road to walk down, but not turn by turn directions.

Google rating? ‘Check’.

The only questions Google was unable to answer was, the average cost of meals, or whether or not the restaurant was currently busy-  which a conventional Google search can bring-up.

But overall I’m pretty pleased, discovering a new task Google can do for me! Playing the role of my personal Dining Concierge! Only if she could make a reservation on my behalf, that would be the ultimate pinnacle of her assistance!

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