Product Recommendation- Toscano Traditional Butter Waffles

I’m not exaggerating, after every single trip to the US, I come home wanting to buy our very own waffle iron! But inevitably my wife talks me ‘off-the-ledge’ from splurging on a kitchen appliance that we don’t have the storage space for, and I inevitably talk myself out of the idea as well, as I’ll still have to make my own batter every-time. Too hard!

But now and again I dream of waffles, remembering fondly and enviously how most American households and hotel self-service breakfast venues offer waffles as an alternative to plain old toast. Here enters Toscano Traditional Butter Waffles!

Ok, I’ll first preface that these waffles aren’t and shouldn’t be consumed as your daily toast alternative as they’re super sweet and indulgent! And one waffle is enough to satisfy (at first I thought I needed two at a time).

The standard packet of Toscano Traditional Butter Waffles come in a four pack, each waffle individually packaged, so after opening the main packaging the ones that you don’t consume this time remain fresh! They’re a little pricey at $5.30 a pack from Coles, however if you view it as an alternative to going out to a café and ordering a $10-$15 plate of waffles for one, you could say it’s actually value for money as it could feed a family of four!

And how does it taste? Well, based on the fact that they’re imported Leige waffles from Belgium, and each waffle contains 22% crunchy pearl sugar……. It’s a given that they’re going to be fabulously delicious! Very sweet (maybe a bit too sweet for some) and very very indulgent. Depending on how you set your toaster, it can change the flavour of the waffle-  a bit more bitter and smoky tasting if you turn up the heat on your slot n’ pop machine, so you can adjust it to your liking.

For special occasions, I’d highly recommend Toscano Traditional Butter Waffles with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some sliced fresh strawberries. *drooling emoji*. But for the sake of your health, you should really only do this once or twice a year, or on special occasions, like being a Friday night…….

For more info about Toscano Traditional Butter Waffles click here!        

TGIF everyone! And here’s to the next 100 Four Senses- Touch Smell Taste Sound blog posts!

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