Sweet Things- Black Sesame and Hojicha Soft Serves- Oh! Matcha

Lower ground Level, World Square, 644 George Street, Sydney    

Most of us, when we conjure up the image of soft serves, a mental image of the MacDonald’s 30c soft serve cone comes to mind? Yeah? Today we tried some Asian flavoured soft serves from Oh! Matcha- the World Square outlet located on the lower ground level (outside Liquorland).

I elected the Black sesame flavour, while my wife got the Hojicha flavour (roasted green tea), you can choose to have it in a cup or waffle cone (for the same price- $3.90 each) and this time we went with the cones.

Apologies, we don’t have any pics as within moments of receiving our ‘Sweet things’ from the staff, they were already melting all over the place and weren’t all that photogenic. But picture a tea-brown coloured soft serve paired with a pink coloured waffle cone (this was the Hojicha flavour), while the Black sesame soft serve was more grey sesame than black…… so picture a pale grey coloured soft serve paired with a black coloured waffle cone. Yeah, a little out-there!

But as much as people pooh pooh MacDonald’s soft serves as being filled with pig fat…… But whatever Maccas place in their soft serves, they’ve nailed it for ‘staying power’ and creaminess. As these Oh! Matcha soft serves were more ‘Oh no! No Matcha!’ “Oh no!”, because without the magic ingredient of the MacDonald’s soft serves, these were melty, and thin-creamed i.e. there wasn’t that nice creaminess you associate with soft serves. And the “No Matcha”, although we didn’t order a Matcha flavour, overall the flavours were very weak. There was barely a Black sesame flavour to mine, and my wife’s Hojicha had a faint taste of roasted green tea on the first taste, but thereafter, it just tasted like chilled milk.

And the waffle cones were very thin, so much so that if you didn’t consume your dessert in quick time, the cone might actually disintegrate on you.

In the end, it cooled us off on a warm-ish autumn’s day, and for $3.90 it’s pretty reasonably priced. Oh! Matcha also serves hot and cold Matcha drinks, parfaits, floats, and Anmitsu, so even though the soft serve didn’t hit the mark this time, there are still many other alternatives to try next-time.

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