Guzman y Gomez- World Square

Ready to try a Mexican dish other than a Burrito, Nachos, or Taco?

Before tonight, I really couldn’t tell you hand on heart what an Enchilada or what a Quesadilla was, as the extent of my exposure to Mexican food has been the Burrito (our usual go-to when dining at GyG); Nachos (which you make occasionally at home with Doritos and store-bought Old El Paso salsa); and Tacos (when it gets served up as cocktails at a function). But having not had Mexican since our US trip in October, it was about time we hit-up Guzman y Gomez again for a quick Friday night Mexican take-out.

Our brief to ourselves tonight was to try something else! Whatever it was, it couldn’t be one of the three aforementioned Mexican staples. Thus the first 2 options which we were unfamiliar with, we went for them! The wait for food at GyG isn’t long at all (considering all food is cooked fresh). And the choice to eat there or to take-away isn’t an easy choice either at their World Square store, as it’s a good little location there, semi-open air dining, cool music playing, and alcoholic beverages on hand if you so desire. But we did opt to take-away and here was what greeted us when we popped open the GyG lids.

3 Chicken Quesadillas (left), Pork Enchilada (right)

We started off with the Quesadillas (3 pieces for $11) – which essentially is a soft shelled taco filled with meat of your choice (we had chicken), some tomato salsa, a generous amount of jack cheese, and pan-fried like a toasted sandwich! The hunger-inducing smell of the grilled cheese was what greeted the senses first, before you pick up these temperature hot babies with your fingers and it’s like eating a jaffle fresh from the jaffle iron! The cheese was gooey and incorporated the chicken and tomato bits into it – a real nice and tasty starter!

As our main, we shared an Enchilada ($15) which was large enough to feed two! If you’re like us, and you’re unfamiliar with the Enchilada, picture an over-sized Burrito (the menu described it as a regular burrito, but to us it definitely looked larger) with salsa, creama, guacamole and melted jack cheese on-top, with a bed of GyG home-made corn chips under it to absorb up any of the residual goodness from the toppings. A knife and fork was definitely required to tuck into this one, and it was so good! The pulled pork was juicy and was a belly piece, so we had the fatty bits as well as the meaty bits. When you managed to get all the elements like guac, brown rice, salsa, a hit of chilli, pulled pork, and the soft tortilla all in one mouth-full…….OMG! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Mmmm. And if you haven’t tried GyG’s home-made corn chips before, you just don’t know what you’re missing out on! In the past we don’t order Nachos when out, as you can seriously make that at home for half the price. But GyG’s corn chips ain’t your CCs or Doritos, but picture a corn chip freshly deep fried! It has a crunch and texture which packet corn chips cannot replicate after spending weeks/months in a bag!

So I guess Mexican food isn’t flashy. It’s essentially the same fillings, the same salsa and cheese, the same corn chips, the same floured tortilla (in differing sizes), but what makes a Burrito, Quesadilla or Enchilada different is how it’s cooked and/or presented. Large or small, rolled up or folded, in a bowl or on a plate……either way, you can’t ever go wrong with Mexican food! The combination of flavours, the ability to eat it with your hands…… it always pleases and hits the spot! And “y” Guzman y Gomez stands out is because of the freshness and quality produce they use, also it’s quick and it’s affordable!

Our end verdict, 5 stars (for the World Square store at least)! I really can’t   fault the entire GyG experience! Its full marks all round for Food, Service, Atmosphere, and Value for money. As harsh scorers that we are, I honestly can’t find any fault in their offering, it’s simply perfect! Fast-food Chain-store at its finest! And now that I’ve tried their home made corn chips, next time I’m going to give their Nachos a whirl!

Guzman y Gomez- Friday 25 January, 2019.

PH: (02) 9191 0909

Shop 10.31, World Square Shopping Centre, 680 George Street, Sydney NSW (Ground level within the World Square complex).

Mon-Sat 7am – 11pm

Sun 7am – 10pm

7 other GyG City locations: in Pitt St Westfields; MLC tower; Darling Harbour Harbourside and outside ICC; Australia Square food court; Central Park; and Broadway shopping centre.       

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