Kombucha Journal- Nailed-it!

We’ve done it! We’ve found the perfect balance between fermentation time, secondary fermentation, and balance of new and old brew.

So here are the steps: 1L Green Tea; ½ Cup sugar; your 1 Cup starter; and Scoby.

Allow to ferment for 5 days, then pour your brew into 330ml bottles and top off with unfermented brew (from your next batch) just so that the bottles are full. Then allow sit in a cupboard for 7 days for the secondary fermentation, and 3 hours before consuming, pop them into the refrigerator.

The outcome was a perfect balance of sweetness, sourness, and effervescence! Nailed-it! It has taken longer than expected (4 batches) to reach the perfect balance, but we eventually got there! Follow these steps and you’ll hit the mark on your first try!

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