Product Recommendation- Echo Falls Fruit Fusion

I know that ‘Real wine’ drinkers will balk at this recommendation, but over the Christmas/New Year’s period we chanced on this delightful wine. Echo Fall’s Fruit Fusion wines, the range include a Rose- Rose Wine with Summer Berries (750ml) and a White- White Wine with Tropical Fruit (750ml).

We were in Liquorland looking for Orange wine (White wine which had been fermented with white grapes with its skin), and we were in the ‘Other whites’ section and we didn’t find Orange wine. But what we did find was the Echo Falls Fruit Fusion pair of wines. What caught our eye was the promise of berry and tropical fruit flavours. And at $8 a bottle, it seemed like a risk free investment.

First impressions (we tried the Rose first), it’s sweet, it has a slight effervescence to it, the berry flavour was definitely there, and it was just very tasty and moreish. If you’d like a reference point, I’d describe the taste to be like a Spanish Sangria?

Because the next day was Christmas, we gave the White to my sister when we went over to theirs for Christmas lunch. And a couple of days later we bought a replacement bottle of the White to try, and again we were very pleased with the flavour.

Afterwards I did some research, and this is what I found:

“This delicious Rosé wine has been delicately blended with natural flavours of summer berries. The result is a bright, fruity, refreshingly sweet Rosé wine

Perfect for sharing with friends. 10.5% alcohol content and each bottle contains 6.3 standard drinks.”

“This tropical flavoured wine has been crafted with natural flavours of White Peach and Passionfruit to result in a delectable and refreshingly sweet wine,

Perfect for sharing with friends. 10.5% alcohol content and each bottle contains 6.3 standard drinks.”

Okay, no wonder it tastes like a Sangria, as they do actually mix fruit juice into it. So if you’re a wine liberalist and don’t mind the concept of a half-bred wine, check it out! $8 from Liquorland or $7 from First Choice Liquor. Both Rose and White are perfect when served chilled, ideal on a summer’s evening with friends…..or all by yourself. Hehehe.

Um, this is the part where I warn about drinking responsibly and how you have to be over the age of 18 before you can enjoy this delectable drink. Yeah Yeah?    

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