The Habitat- Gimlet Media

When I was thinking of what podcast I could share with you, so many shows came to mind! Do I tell you about the shows which I’ve been subscribed to and have been following religiously weekly (some almost daily) for years and years? But oftentimes those podcasts are a little niche so I’d love them, but you wouldn’t, because you don’t have the same interest in….. say, American football.

But one show I think captures everyone’s interest, no matter age, creed, gender or eco-status, is the thought of leaving our blue planet and exploring space! Realistically, I’m not sure if we will ever or will actually need to populate Mars, as I’m sure it was hard enough to develop and migrate to the Wild West (both California and Perth. Haaha), but starting afresh on Mars?????? That would start a whole next level debate on who has the better bagel (dwarfing all current East coast West coast rivalries).

But the podcast ‘Habitat’ from Gimlet Media follows 6 volunteers over a 12 month period, to capture how it is to live on Mars.

What? We have people on Mars!? Did I miss anything?…….

Oops, I was meant to clarify at the beginning…. NASA built a dome on the side of a volcano in Hawaii and had left the 6 in isolation there for 12 months. And through voice recordings, the crew and Gimlet Media’s Lynn Levy were able to interact and capture the goings on of 6 people forced to live in each other’s pockets, eat dehydrated food for a year, and forced to play dress-ups each time they went outside (listen to it, it’ll make more sense).

So if you like reality TV shows like ‘Big Brother’, you’re one who looks to the skies wondering what’s out there, and you want a quick 6 episode (30 min each) wam-bam-thankyou-mam binge-worthy podcast…then ‘The Habitat’ will be ideal for you! It’s like watching TV with your ears and exercising loads of your childhood imagination!

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