Paperboy Concord- Breakfast Point

If there isn’t a good breakfast/brunch venue in a suburb called Breakfast Point…… we’re all in some serious trouble aren’t we?!

Sure, Canada Bay doesn’t have an extraordinary high ex-pat Canadian population. And I’m sure there aren’t any actual salamanders in Salamander Bay. But it would be ironic if there weren’t any good cafes serving up breakfast in Breakfast Point?

Tasked by my wife to find a good brunch spot near Strathfield for a catch-up with friends, I came off looking like I was completely in the know with the food scene by recommending this place (thanks so much Zomato and your Collections, as finding this gem of a café was purely due to the ‘Best brunch recommendations’ collection! Luv U Zomato!).

To be honest, Paperboy Concord is really quite off the beaten track, you’d had to be a local or specifically navigating to the place to find it as it’s not close to any other major thoroughfare. Situated among residences and converted industrial estates is this modern/funky café, with outdoor speakers playing music for the outside diners (which also acted like a beacon welcoming and confirming to first-timers that you’ve found the place). And on this hot morning, we were thankful to find inside the café, it was gloriously chilled from the AC. *2 thumbs up*.

Rocking-up at 11am without a prior booking, we were still seated immediately for a group of 4 (but during breakfast and lunch hours, I’d highly recommend to make a booking as seats are limited- while we were there it was at 90% capacity). The décor was modern and inviting with polished concrete floors, wooden chairs and tables, and pot plants lining the walls to give it a fresh relaxed vibe.

Scanning over the menu, everything looked yummy, appealing and modern. I’m usually one who is decisive with what I want, once something catches my attention.  But even today, I was flip-flopping in between 3 different choices. First world problems, first world problems.

I ended up electing the Mango Salad, which was a really nice treat for my taste buds, as it had every taste element which delighted the senses. All the flavours came together perfectly- the bitterness from the fresh rocket, the saltiness from the feta cheese, the sweet/sour from the cherry tomatoes (all of varying colours which made it look very aesthetically pleasing), the sweetness from the more-ish fresh mango cubes (it had this really good jelly like consistency to it), the added sourness from the citrusy dressing, and for an extra $5 I had grilled (and perfectly seasoned) chicken served with my bowl. **Note: Many dishes on the menu had options to add additional elements to your dish for a small fee. This I loved, the flexibility to pay a little bit more to have this or that with dishes, so you can choose to add more protein or more ‘premium extras’ to your dish if you felt like it at the time. So that was a real plus.

The dish really hit the spot, and I was delighted with it. Any downsides, was that it was meant to also include candied walnuts, but I didn’t find any in my bowl (and that would have been a nice textural addition); while the greedy side of me would’ve loved to have had more mango, but to be served a cheek of mango sliced up into cubes, that was probably about the right portioning. And on the napkin test, this would be the first time I’ve ever given a 5/5 score for a paper napkin! It was really thick, large and soft. *Dreamy look*. No Paperboy expense was held back for your paper napkin mouth cleansing needs!

My wife had the Spring Stack (2 poached eggs on a bed of spinach and asparagus, served on rye bread smeared in hummus), which she was very pleased with. Our dining companions were also pleased with their dishes (Nourish Bowl – a rice salad; and the Paperboy Roll – bacon & egg in a brioche bun), and from all accounts the coffee were great as well!

But for our brunch catch-up with friends who we hadn’t seen in a while, at times it was a little difficult to hear each other due to all the sounds bouncing off the hard surfaces in the enclosed café. So when a few kids got a little too excited, it did get quite loud in the café.

But all in all, a really positive experience (4.5 stars if we were able to give half scores). So if you’ve been wondering if Breakfast Point actually has a good breakfast/brunch location? The answer is a big resounding YES!  So come check it out, one of the better cafes serving up a modern healthy menu in the Strathfield/Burwood/Five Dock/Concord area!

Paperboy Concord- Saturday 3 November (4.0 stars)

PH: (02) 8765 0661

18 Tennyson Road, Breakfast Point NSW

Mon-Sun 7am – 4pm

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