Bondi Road Seafoods- Bondi

I haven’t been back here in years, absolutely years, but I had a sneaky Friday off from work and knowing this in advance I planned a trip down to Bondi with my olds to our favourite fish & chip shop in all of Sydney!

There isn’t any glitz or glam about the place, but it’s an honest family run establishment serving super fresh seafood straight from the markets and the best grilled or fried fish & chips you’d ever want! Although I haven’t been back since before I got married (and that was more than 6 years ago), the husband and wife who runs the shop still remembered me (my parents had been going back regularly in the interim though), and choosing to eat-in this time (enjoying the cool breeze blowing in from the wide open frontage) it seems like they remember/know by name all of their customers who came in that arvo. (Props to all locals or regulars who find this place more convenient than the Fish Markets).

We started off with a dozen fresh fresh oysters and a plate full of prawns while our fish and chips were cooked on the spot (napkin score of 3 as they gave me a stack and I needed it after shelling probably a dozen prawns).

We could smell the grilling fish long before it made it to our table, and the well-seasoned snapper was delicious and the chippies were crunchy and golden. Not to mention, the Greek salad which came as a side was a good palate cleanser and made me feel slightly less guilty for finishing more than half of the bowl of chips which I was sharing with my folks. Ooops.

And before we left, we grabbed a couple kilos of John Dory and Salmon fillets for ourselves and my sis and her family, and that was a really nice way to spend a Friday arvo with the fam! Highly recommend Bondi Road Seafoods, still the same high quality fresh seafood after all these years, friendly service, in a real special part of town!

Bondi Road Seafoods- Friday 17 August 2018

PH: (02) 9130 6465

279 Bondi Road, Bondi NSW

 Mon-Sun 9am – 9pm

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