The Bavarian- World Square

Not having eaten any meat in 5 days (trying a new diet), the Munich Brewers Platter for 2 was exactly what I needed to break my meat-fast! With an up-tempo pop music playlist creating the atmosphere on a somewhat quiet Saturday lunch-hour, I was eagerly awaiting a good hearty German meal while evaluating their table setting (scoring a 3/5 stars on the napkin test). And when our platter arrived, boy, our table was almost not large enough to accommodate our meal (please see exhibit A)! Included was 4 types of sausages, pork belly with crackling, pork knuckle, chicken schnitzel and the following sides and sauces – sauerkraut, pickled red cabbage, mash potato, apple compote, mustard and beer jus. I was armed with my steak knife and was let loose on the protein.

First-world problems, which protein to start with? This question and subsequent answer was important, as there was a remote potential that we might not be able to finish everything! NOooo! We decided on sausages 1-2 as the appetisers (mmmm spicy sausage with mustard), palate cleanser= sauerkraut; Main1=pork belly with crackling (crispiest crackling in recent memory); sausages 3-4 as a pause before the storm  (good old frankfurts); Main2= big pork knuckle with crackling to be shared by 2 (really nice, tender meat falling off the bone and again, crunchy crackling with a nice layer of fat); mash potato= textural change-up; then Main3=chicken schnitzel, first with the apple compote just to break up the saltiness; then schnitzel piece 2 with gravy…… and at this stage I was getting trigger finger from clutching my fork too tightly (where your finger isn’t able to independently bounce back straight without some help). And just when I couldn’t fit any more in, there were reasonable portions of each side left , and not being one who likes waste, I took it for the team and finished it all off. *Puffer fish face*.

And the cherry on top, all the while I was sipping on a German grapefruit beer, not to mention that the Bavarian is an affiliated restaurant with the Qantas Frequent Flier program, so 4000 QFF Pts= $20 off the bill! SCORE! My goodness! This was a break-meat-fast meal to remember! Will I be back? Do Bavarian’s wear Lederhosen’s’? That answer is YES and YES! Almost needing to roll down the stairs due to my poor bloated belly, I can’t wait to be back… even if it’s just for their jumbo pretzel! (Disclaimer, the Bavarian staff were not wearing lederhosen’s, but they were real friendly and attentive.)

The Bavarian – Saturday 4 August

(02) 9259 5680

Level 1, World Square Shopping Centre, 644 George Street, Sydney NSW

Mon-Sun 11am – 10.30pm

**Accepts Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

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