Product Recommendation- Pistachio Squares

Here’s another praline-like product which I’ve been obsessing over!

Pistachio Squares by 180 Snacks! The product title says it all! It’s square in shape (a cube actually), it only contains 4 ingredients – dry roasted pistachios, organic brown rice syrup, sugar cane, and Himalayan pink salt! Can you say premium produce?

Each cube is a perfect size to be popped into your mouth (slightly larger than a dice), and it’s crunchy, salty and sweet all at the same time! It’s gluten free, kosher, free of any genetic modifications, dairy free, and peanut free!

In one word, it’s ‘Perfect’! As the ultimate tasty and healthy snack- not to mention if you’re like me and you need something sweet after something salty; and then something salty after having something sweet? 180 Snack’s Pistachio Square is ideal! Being both sweet and salty, so you just need one square, and it’s satisfied both of your savoury and sugary cravings!

The only problem is……It’s an obscure product. The only sellers we know of who are stocking this Californian product in Sydney is Costco, so you’ll have to be a member (or know one) to get your hands on this nutty treat! And knowing Costco’s unpredictable stocking behaviours – it’s not guaranteed that the Pistachio Square will always be there either. Boo!

So while stocks last, try out 180 Snack’s Pistachio Squares! They’re great!  

Product Recommendation- Thinkfood Munch Pumpkin Seed

If you like pralines, nuts bound together by a sweet sticky binder, then I’ve got a healthy version of a praline just for you!

Thinkfood’s Munch line of products is all that is good about a praline, but with all the healthy properties of health foods!

Munch come in Roasted Almond, Pistachio Cranberry, or Pumpkin Seed, and the jumbo pack we tried was the Pumpkin Seed.

It’s both sweet and salty, and it contains a satisfying crunch every munch from the sun dried pumpkin seeds.

Not only is it tasty, but it’s healthy as well! Containing a healthy dose of zinc, iron, manganese, phosphorous, and vegan protein!

They come in bite sized squares, perfect for busy people on the go, or when you’re getting hungry in-between meals and looking for a healthy something to munch on!

Try Thinkfood Munch- either as almonds, pistachio or pumpkin seeds, find them at your local Coles for $4.00 for a 140g bag.

Product Recommendation- Steamrail Summer Ale- Tight Red Togs

Where do you start with Craft beers? There are so many unknown brands to choose from, they all have names designed to catch your eye, so which one do you choose when you’re standing in the Craft beer aisle? I have no idea either, but Steamrail Summer Ale’s Tight Red Togs was just that little bit more attention grabbing than others. So when I was forced to choose, I grabbed the Tight Red Togs. Haaha.

Describing the taste of craft beers is an art form, an art which I haven’t quite mastered yet. I think it’s all in the first sip? Then all subsequent sips your tastebuds are just that little bit more immune to the subtle flavours. But here’s a shot – at first sip, Tight Red Togs tastes light and fruity, passionfruit first came to mind; it’s definitely not bitter (if anything it tastes a little bit watery at the back of the tongue), it’s refreshing, and if you suck the liquid through your teeth it immediately froths up into light foamy bubbles.

What Steamrail Summer Ale says about their Tight Red Togs is that:

“Summer Ale has low bitterness and is full of fruity, crisp character. The hoppy passionfruit/citrus aroma comes from a blend of US Centennial and Australian Galaxy hops, added late in the brew house and dry to the fermenter.”

Blind fold off…… So I was pretty bang-on re the passionfruit flavour!

If you’d like to try this craft beer for yourself, you can purchase a 6 pack (330ml bottles) for $19, or $46 a case from Liquorland. Enjoy!

 **Note: Remember always to drink responsibly. Yeah, yeah?

Product Recommendations- Bhuja chip mix

Holy Cow! Have you tried Majans’ latest product? Bhuja chip mix?

Attracted to them by Coles’ promotional promise of 2 packs for $6 and their exotic sounding flavours (Butter Chicken and Tandoori Delight), we happily gave them a go!

The first surprise when we dug our hands into the packet, was that the chippies are a mix of 4 different types! The types included veggie chips (I’m thinking they’re the ones which are light like a prawn cracker?); legume chips (this one is quite a dense chip); potato crunchers™ (and good on them for trademarking this potato chip, as it’s the crunchiest potato chip you’ll ever find out there!); and Bombay chips (not sure which chip this one is).

The chips have a light dusting of spices, so it’s not overwhelming. If anything, I wouldn’t mind it if the flavours were a bit more intense! However checking out their website now, the chips do not contain artificial colours, no trans fats, no added MSG, no preservatives, and are suitable for vegetarians! So if it’s all natural, then it’s really good! Considering you can count these towards your daily veg intake!

When sharing the Tandoori Delight with my wife, I have to admit that I was digging around the pack just for the potato chips (which were easy to feel out as they were crinkle cut). I must have consumed 75% of them! Oops. They’re really moreish! But my advice is to give the bag a good shake before opening, as I think the automated chip filling machines first fills the bag with one chip type, and then adds the other, and then the next etc. Thus the types of chips are layered, with the Veggie chips sitting on top. So shaking the pack will guarantee more of a lucky dip, thus giving you more surprise and delight!

You can find Majan’s Bhuja Chip mixes at your local Coles, $4.00 for a 110g bag. Bhuja chips come in 3 flavours- Butter Chiken, Tandoori Delight, and Turmeric & Chilli.

For more information about the Bhuja Chip Mixes, click HERE!

Product Recommendations- Sally Foods Durian Sponge Cake

Do you remember the old days at the local Chinese grocer (always located near the front)- the Pandan sponge cake? The one in the bag, circular in shape, with the hole in the middle, served up upside down on a paper plate?

Well, sadly those good old days are gone, but these days you can find Asian Sponge cakes by Sally Foods packaged more commercially- in a loaf shape and properly sealed. And not only can you find the Pandan flavour, but Sally Foods sponge cakes also come in orange, lemon, and even Durian! And how can you pass up on Durian? We definitely couldn’t!

The Sponge cake is gloriously soft and springy when you slice into it; enabling you to produce sandwich-like thick slices; pale yellow in colour and breathing in its scent…… the Durian fragrance is definitely there. Mmmmmm.

Biting into it! I know why I love sponge cake, it’s that springy spongy texture on my teeth which has me coming back for more! But unfortunately when comparing the taste of durian to the fragrance of it, the depth of durian flavour is unfortunately not as strong as you’d hope it to be. But for those who are adverse to durian, it’s perfectly fine then, not too overpowering, not too polarising.

And the unavoidable durian reflux afterwards? Oh yeah! You’ll be tasting durian for the next 3 hours! Haaha.

So if you’re a durian fan or always game to try something new, check-out if your local Asian grocer stocks Sally Foods sponge cakes- usually located at the front of the store. Each cake is priced at $7.00, and the durian burps afterwards? Priceless!

Product recommendation- Proud & Punch

With the blistering edge to the hot summer’s days starting to dial down for another year –  meaning that there are only a matter of weeks where you’d still happily consume frozen blocks of fruit juice; hop on down to Coles and grab yourselves a 6 pack of ‘Proud & Punch’ frozen treats!

Proud & Punch’s product line come in either cream-filled ice blocks (picture Streets’ ‘Splice’), or just blocks of frozen fruit juice.  

But what stands Proud & Punch from other brands is the fact that the sweetness levels are obviously toned down for health reasons. For the creamy coconut pops, the icy fruit outer layer is only frozen fruit juice with no added sugars, and only once you reach the coconut ice cream centre does the sweetness kick in. The cream-centred flavours include Berry and coconut ice cream centre; or a Mango exterior and coconut ice cream interior.

And if you prefer juice without the cream, they have 3 flavours in the Juice Pops category: Berries, Apple, or Orange (named much more inventively than what I’ve just listed for you).

Once you’ve tried them, you’ll agree that they feel healthier, and more natural tasting. Nice and refreshing on a hot summer’s (or early autumn’s) day!

I’d proudly hand these healthy treats out to kids, and if they complain that there isn’t any chocolate in them …. I’ll……*balls-up fist*…… Nah, Nah, Joking Joking. As much as I love word play, I can’t joke around with the word ‘Punch’ while having kids around.

At the moment Proud & Punch Juice and Coconut pops are both on Special at Coles for $5.00 (usually $8.00).

If your kids end up really liking them, perhaps you can buy your own ice block moulds and make your own 100%Natural frozen juice pops?! It just requires some fresh fruits, and a blender- then you and the kids can have some fun in making some creative frozen concoctions! And slip in a finger of Vodka and you’ll have yourself a batch of adult pops. Hey? Hey? Just make sure you clearly label your batches. Hehehe.

For more about the Proud & Punch company, visit: